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Richand Salter Starrs Library 

OttLongrneodow St. 

Longmeadow. MA 01106 


* .*\ 



Lmnrnfow. Ma 01106 

Tv vur (witty parent, 


Thank yvit. 


The Student* &fi bengmeadew High Schwt 



^— ^MMHMMU.IJ _ . u.. 


TkClmoft20UHMhe&t&rec&gnizeMr. George 
Carella^prfu^man^^t^dedicaU&n t&ttie 
tfudenfo oft LHS 'and 'to c&ngraMzte ftimmfut 

retirement. Mr. CarelM to retiring a& the 

Cfuurperm vftttie Foreign Language Idepartirtenfi 

and 'he fm taught ■th&umndfr &ft Midentt over the 

cvurte vftmre than thirty year* at b&ngmeadm 

HighSchovl. Mr. CmtMfmwedttiemlenfo 

in marfcapaatm, fea^cal^a^a dmadriA&r. 

Addtti&nalty, Mr. CarekaA tm been re&pvnAi6le far 

leading numervuAttffftfo other wuntrieb, exp&Mng 

hundreefo&ft LHS4ttiden%t&the languageand 

culture ofi 'variffUA nativnA. 'J&rge,°aAhto4ttoden% 

ftndty refier to him, to known ftr httdedicati&n and 


wed a* hto greal r 4en4e oft 'hurwr that fie >fm happily 
^edwtihhtt^lenM over the year*. Tfie Foreign 
Language Department 'wilt 'never 6e the tame with&ut 

uviJmw('fi/yf/ftW/ri'/lwj"''Mr/fH 'tV/fi'/m* r Xi'* r /Mfj\W*y'Zr/mi'lrr&iI/< 

UnpomAle to replace. Tfie tfudentt, faculty and 'tffiftft 
oft bengmeadm High Schovl will mm Mr. 

f/rg/f/rrt '£'?£/ '"."JMf. '/-W ,' '1/M '. '.''* '/ ^/ "// T"Wj 'f'tH'.W. ''\ 

healthy retirements fie iegMhtt new dfte. 

Thank pu, J&rge! 



Gabby Madden 


k UiA /y 


Drianne Laliberte 


ad - 

Doug Dale 


Shane Connors 


My >^i 

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Madelynn Burt By Emily Burt 

Kaleigh Jaron 








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Mica Baevsky 

Davin Steiger 


Sam McKeown 

■ *1 

J t J 



Sarah Greenberg 

Stefanie Smith 

Christine Orr 

Hannah McGrath By Sarah Greenberg 









V())j() vER^ACt a ^X 


km. I'll LAUREN ¥»R\D\ 

fi^ D&G 



Kaleigh Jaron 

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«*■ . A ..•» v«*i ,i^ *%flfcV- ^ 1 


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Taylor Stevens 


^ S-;*- 

'••- = ?*^. 

h» - -- VJ 


Drianne Laliberte 




IZ'.* W- 'J 


^T f 1 

1 4„ 1 



■ /* 

Nicole Greene 

* •■' 

Gabby Madden 


w ■- 


Katie Besanko 


Emily Burt 


Shane Connors 




Tucker Low 


\ VI 

\ ..Ik^:-. 





• • 

To the bongntead&w High School Clm of 2011, 

I think we all &Mened half-heartedly when our parents, relative* and teacher* fold ua our high M^ 
year* would be over bef&re we knew it. We ruAhed 'through our fre*/mian year, overwhelmed by the ttze 
of LHS, our new *ehoolmate* and 'academic workload. We wanted nothing mere than t& become 
upperdmmen, tfr retire the 'freshman backpack and 'map ofi 'the ' *ehml we all kept handy. Eventually, we 
pt 'to know the member* of our elm, whether through academic clam, athletic team*, mutic program*, 
or club*. The halfo*turted t& feel m&re welcoming a* tte faw 

After what felt like an eternity, fre*tumn year wm over. The mior* graduated; we law our*iMng*, 
friend* and f peer* pu*h *emething that *eemed *# new and freth t& u*. A* they headedoffW their carefully 
choten college*, we progreuect 'into our&phomore year. Finally, there wo* a new round 'offreihmn 
nervously entering the had* of LHS, and 'we were no longer the babie* oft 'the high *cheol 

We *tarted wphomvre year with the widely anticipated Sophomore Lock-in. The night ■started off 
with excitement a^ energy that *lmlydlmM ten h&ur* we *pent AWAKE to the 

school. After our firtf mrtfor dm bonding experience, and realizing i£wa*po*uble to *pendan entire 
night with our c&mmate*, the grade felt r a bit 'closer knit than it 'had ' previou*ly been. Starting mid- 
winter, no sophomore could 'e*cape the whi*pering* in anticipation of the upcoming "Semi". Soon, fflthe 
Semi approached, no one, NO ONE, could walk through the haM witheut 'hearing - Sowhatd&e* 

yvurdrmfovk like? Where are yvu faking picture*? Who are yvu gving with?' IP wa* a bit 
feightening, butfenady the Sem arrived. Afeer a night &( dancing, we reared 'to tmr parent* minivan* 
and 'headed 'h&me at 'the lateh&ur of 10:30 pm. S&ph&mffre year came to a ofae and 'we tried 'to keep 
vur mind 'oft 'the upc&ming, dreaded, Juntor year. 

A* we returned 'far &ur third 'year at b&ngmeadw HighSchml, wehad&urfer^Me&d 
*eniffrity. We had all grmn *ign^ntly*tm the fr^ 
fee*hman. By tfa early mkA vffeill, w felt tk Mm and pre**w 
winter we headed '&$ 'to the Bat^all Hall tf Fame jf&r put Juni&r/Seni&r. IP wm exciting to be 
with the *entor* and altf, ftrwme&ftub, tobeabletodrmvurtelrefrawhfflemite&utvfitown. A& 
the *pring arrived, the *entoM had Stopped tchmlwvrk c&mpletely, andmn, had their laAP day &ft 
tifmt WeMn^he*itaBtofelltheir*pe^inthec^ WiththiAnew 

excitement 'wafialto a *trange *en*atton; m nm had n& m elder than u& pamng u& to the hallway 
vr MMng with u&in&ur clam. 

Finally *entor year arrived, what we aH have been waiting far. We immediately launched 'into the 
prvductton eft &ur Seni&r Clem Play, 'Back to the ZOV 'Whether yea were in the prvducti&n, the pit, 
the crew, &r the audience, yvu c&utd feel the teammrk and *pirit that went intfr thttplay, b&ng 
afeernmn^ and evening^ were *pentin the auditorium, whether dancing to "Kid* to America" vr *togtog 
al&ng with "bwe Shack, "everyone felt 'the tame excitement 'and 'determination to put m a *hm that 
muld never beftrg&Pten. I think the vutc&me watm&re than anyvne c&uMhave ever anticipated, and 
&ur c&m walked 'away with a feeling of ' ab*&lute unity. Swn afeer the elm play, the year started to 
pick up feed 'and 'we tfzrted 'to fend 'vut&ur plant far next year. AP&14P, 2011 had arrived: &ur 
graduation year. We are alt 'together, feeling the tame excitement 'and ' dread, munUng dmn the day^ 
until &ur graduation. Seme eft u* have been together *toce kindergarten, *ixthgrade, vr feethman year, 
andnm, mwiMbelmtogthecvmfarPdfi&urh0me*an^ Tvend 

thtomply, we have had 'a great 'time being pur cltm #§fier* far the laAPfaur year*; we are all prvud 
to help guide thi* amazing elm. Wtve had experience* and ' made feiendt we wilt 'never fargeP. We with 
yvu all the be*ttf luck to y&ur fetture*; the M '(pur year* have truly been unfargePtabk 

Sincerely, y&ur Cla** 0§cer* 

Teddy O'Reidy, President 
Ryan Gait, Vice President Mike Fein, Vice President 

Spencer Jane*, Treasurer Tdavto Steiger, Secretary 



" ' ' 1%Sf»r- 




Basketball 9-12; Crm Country 9-12; Key Club 10, 11; B.PA. 11. 12; Ba4ebaH9, 10; Track 11, 12; 

"Limit*, Me/fear*, are often juaUtuwrto."- Michael Jordan 

"A Ufa to not important except in the impact it ha* en other five*. " -Jackie Robimon 

Tm a player, but my game be ie official." - John Wait 

"Never let anything get you down; when one door clew, the next door open* with ivmething better. ' 

Brian Adam 

Track 11, 12; B.PA. 11, 12; Investment Club 11, 12; Men'i Chorm 9, 10; 
"Friendship to Me peeing in your pant*; everyone canieeit, but only yon can /feel it." 

Mark AdantAfti 

Kpyte, KM 

Ham Plunge Project 9-12; youth CouncU9-12; Basketball 9. 12; Senior C&mPtay Powder Puffi 
"Eitery wng end*, but that* no remn net to enjoy the nunc. " 

Gitidv Alexander 

Harry Potter Club 12; Star War* 12; Baseball 9. 10; Football 9-11; The Zoo 10-12; 
Cam Spoon Army - Brigadier General; 

"From good 'thought* come good 'thing* ' 
"I get eye drop* all over my eye. " 


"We are Anontjmoui: We are Legion: We do not forgive: We do not forget: Expect ui." - Anomjmotu 
"Shame iJ /he fir iomeone Wfd ueu a/jouf uourieti " - Anaii A/in 

Je^re^ Anderm 

Lax 10. 11, 12: Football 9. 10. UC. 12 C: Baiketbait 9, 10, nC, 12 C: Powder Pu^ coach 
"Oh i/ei fhe Mil can hurl. Bid iwu can edher run /from if or team /from d. " - Ra/di- The Lion KiM 


Brig/dwood Hardware 11. 12: Spring^c/d 'RifcJ Rughij Mcn'i Team 12 

Stock CluSll, 12; LacrtmJV9, V 10-12 £■ Soccer JV 9. V 10-12; 

VlHtacfaare thingiaperwn ie& when fie taka hit eyei oft ' tfte goat. " -E Joxph Ceaman 

Michael Bearce 

Footbalt '9-12; Ultimate Frtibee 9-12; Lonyboard Team 9-12 C; Sled Team 12; 
Theyirfo may come andyo, but there willalwayi be the bro*. " - AJ HutchM 


Michael Betfh 

"Life a tike a ride. M exdtiny and, '/fun for a while. Seme people who have Seen on die ride for awhile oik, 

'iAthfareal, orttitjuKa ride? And moil people lay, 'Look at my hank account, 

mybiyhouie, and 'my family.. .Thtt hat to be real.' 

MyuHa ride. " 

Cmwr Bender 

Hockey 9, 10, 11. 12; Football 11, 12; Soccer 9, 10; Track and Field 10, 12; 

"Pan... . Ball.. . Bender f'T -Coach Crawford 
"Let no man pull you, down 40 low that you hate them. " -Martin Luther Kinyjr. 

Ge&^re^ Birvn, 

Crow Country 9-12; Lacroae 9; Basketball 9; Outdoor Track 11; Ultimate Fmbeel2; 
JCC B-BaUll, 12; AW Brown* 11, 12; 

'Speak loftily and carry a biy mk, and you will yo for. " - Teddy Roowell 

NLchff&tt B&ztt 

" T/fyou hai/e the opportunity to play thttyame o/[ life, you muti appreciate every moment. 

A lot oft people don't appreciate die moment until iFi paaed. " 

'The harder the battle, the iweeter the victory " 

"Emu- man hoi the right to decide ha own datimr. " 

Brynn Bvutin 

Soccer JV 9 ; Se0altJV9, V10; 

"At any rate, that a happinm 

to be dm bred into iomelhiny complete and yr eat. 

When itcomeilo one, it comeb a* naturally a* ileep " - MyAnlonia 


"Expect the unexpected." 
"Live lift to the failed." 

Brmkxe, Sar-ijear, Ra-Ra 
Field Hockey 9-12; Indoor Track 9-12; Lacrtme 9-12; 

"Be yen, but we mutt all work together tobeui."- Coach Ann Simon* 

"Lett eft people want to ride with yew in the Hme.but what you want 

tt someone who will take the bu* with you when the Hme breakdown. " - Oprah Winfrey 


Soccer 9, 10; Key Club 9-12; Indoor Track 10, 11; Outdoor Track 10; Cms Country 11, 12; 
U (Ornate Frttbeell, 12; Stand 11, 12; Sentor Clm Play; Powder Puhj; 

"Itaoesnetde to dwell en dream* and farget to live. " - Albu* fiumb&dere 

S.AD.D. 11, 12; yearbook Ell, 12; Lyric* 12; Honor Choir 9, 12; Senior ClmPfay; Leaping Latum 

"Why am I weird? Im weird because ifi I wain't weird, I would be normal, and 'tf 1 wo* normal, I would be just 

normal and who the hell wan& to be normal? That* weird." - Ben Lynch 

"Don't let anybody write the page* in pur book far you, alwayi beyeurielfr. . and juit enjoy lift a* it come*. " 


Nathan Byrne 

Outdoor Track 10. 12; Computer Club 10, 12; Six Flag* New England attendant and operator far both Bizarre and 

Scream 11, 12; 

"It* only when we wake up that we realize tomethtngwa* actually itrange."- Cobb 
"Alway*fargiveyour enemie*; nothing annoy* diem *e much. " - Oicar Wilde 

Nttk&Sffl Byrne 

Spring Track 10, 11; Cempu&r Club 10, 12; Six Flap New England Park Service* and 'AauaRcill, 12; 

"Be the change you want to *ee in the world." - Gandhi 

"EtreryOme 1 put 'the meaning e/j ' lift, they change it." 

"Learn ftem yesterday. Rite far today, hope far tomorrow. The important thing i* net to stop questioning. " 

- Albert EtnsMn 

A-ger, Chach 

Senior Cta** PSaf, Spanah CluS 11, 12; 

f -» «^ 

'den. " - , 
Severn Sn* 

Camervn Canuir§& 

Outdoor Track 9, 10, 12; Swimming and "hiving 11, 12; 


"In thi* bright ftuttire you can't (prget your patf." - Bob MarSey 

Key Club 11, 12; Outdoor Track 9-12; Indoor Track 10-12; Soccer 9-11; Cro** Country 12; 

Wo matter w/iat 'happen* in u)je, be good 'to people. 

Being good to people a a wonderful 'legacy to leave behind. " 

;"- Confiuciu* 

m**ww, i.:\)/7f/kt. M>miw}'.iH'm , t.. 

Lsm wwww 






"Be the change you with toieeinthe world. " - Ghandi 


Football 9-12; Ba*ebaH9, 10; Outdoor Track 10-12; Indoor Track 12; White Hut, 
"With great power come* great reipon*ibiftty. " 


It a our Sight, notour darkne**, that twit frighten* u*. ' 

Adam Carmna 


"Sick, Stacy" 
"You mm 100% ofithe *hot*you don't take. " - Wayne Grefizky 

SiA, Car 

Key CluA 10; Interact Club 11, 12; NHS 11. 12; Baiketball 9; Indoor Track 10; Lacro*ie 9-12; 
SenWr Cla** Play-, Powder PuhJ 

"The future belong* to time who believe in the beauty o/f their dream " - Eleanor Roowefc 

Wenf-Him Cheung 


Ultimate Frtibee 9-12 C; Mock Trial 9-12 C; LHS Student Technical 'Director 9-12; NHS Fundramtg Chair 11. 12; 

A*Schoo& Match Witt 12; 

Wadom bached 'by courage make* greatne**. Because they are immortal, they immortalize. Each perion tt a* great a* 

hi* or her mind, and 'te the one who know, everything ttpowble. Aperion without knowledge i* a world 'in darkneu. 

Undemanding and 'wilt 'are the eye* and 'the hand*; without courage, the mind 'a dead." 

Bri, Bryette, Bn-Brt 

ye*, there are two path* you can go by, but in the long run, there'i Mlt 'time to change the road 'you're on. 


Jve Ciyek 

tall 9; Lacroae 9. 10; Got^H; Indoor Track 10.JCC B-BaU 10-12; B.P.A. 9-12; Stock Club 9-12; 
you have to play to win; you alio have to win to play. "- Michael Scott 

Soccer 9, 10; Key Club 9-12; NHS 11, 12; Model UN 10-12; yoga Club 10-12; /mpreuion* 10. Ill 
Vb*tacle* are thote frightful thing* you tee when you take your eye* ohj your goal. ' - Henry Ford 





Shane Cmnvft 


" When the power oft love overcomes the love o^ power, the world will know peace. ' 

"Over 9000" 

Greg Cvpeland 

Indwr/Outaoor Track 9-12 C; Football 9-11; Patriot Pole Vault Club 10-12; Reflex Track Club 12; 

'Talent tt never enough. With few exceptions the best players are the harden worker*." ' - Magicjohnson 
"One o/j the great things about books is cWmeRmes there are <wme fentastic pictures." - George W. Bush 
Sometimes you're feush and sometimes you're Suit, and when pure up, Ufa never asgeodas it ieems, and when you're ( < 

down wu never think you'll be up again, hut Me goes on. " - Blow 

Caro, C-Sqttared 

Accidental 10-12; Dram CM 10-12; French Club 11, 12; Lyrics 11, 12; Sweduh Pith 11, 12; 

"What a treacherous tkng to believe that a perm a more than a person. " -John Green 

The one thing about me is that J don't even know where Til end up, and I don't know what Tit be doing, 

but I know that Fll never really Hop. " - Mika 

Chrmpfter C&x 

Dean Cram 

Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; BPAll, 12; 

"Welt, I wanted fo win a national championship, thatpanzi over there cheap shots me, 

IgettOJjedfaom the game, he Jteals the ring right 0$ my fotga, 

hew would you fael?" - Jack O'Callahan 

Jvhn CrM 

Lacrosse 9-12; Soccer 9, 10; Indoor Track 10; Key Clu6 10-12; B. PA. 10-12; 

"Associate yourselfi wilh men orf good 'quality itfyou esteem your won reputation; 
far it abetter to be alone than in bad company. " - George Washington 

Antfi&Hf D'Angeto 

Wrestling 10, 11; Paintball; 
you are a TtSetan donkey puncher" 

Han, Hanna 

Cross Country 9-12 C: Indoor Track 9-10; Lacrosse 9, 10; Outdoor Track 11, 12; Key Club 9-12; NHS; 

Senier Cum Pfoy ; Powder Pu$; 

' I believe that everything happens far a reason. People change jo that you can learn io let go, things go wrong jo thai 

you appreciate them when they're right, you believe ties jo you eventually learn to trust no one butyourjefy. and 

sometimes good things fall apart so better thingj can fall together. " - Marilyn Monroe 

W on when it ain't jo Jweet. " - Shwauze 

Kenz, Mali 
Indoor Track 11; Spring Track 11. 12; B.P.A. 10-12; 

"Dream oj i( you'll Hve farever, uveas ifi you'll die today. "Jamej Tdean 
"The greatejt barrier to Juccesj ij the (par oj 'failure. " - Sven Goran Eriksson 

Vanity Gelfj '9. 10, 11, 12,- Vanity Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; Jv Lacrosse 9, 10; BPA 9, 10, 11, 12; Stock Club 9, 10, u, 12; Id-Tram 
"Hem get remembered, but legend* never die. FeUew pur heart* kid, 

"Red 'fine, Sack. Blue &ne, back Far blue &ne, back. Far red line, back. And you have 45 seconds fie do it. Get U4edte this driH. 

you'll be doing it a let. Why? Because the legs feed the wolft, gentlemen. 1 ' can't premise you we'll 'be the beit team at Lake Placid 'next 

February but we'll be the betf cenditiened. That I can premise you. " -Herb Brooks 


Soccer 9-12; BaiebaH 9-12; Indoor Track 9-12 C; 
"Hearten fere, brain mice."- V.I. Lenin 

Sympheny Orchestra 9-12; Chamber OrcheXra 10-12; Drama Club 10-12; French Club 9-12; Pep Band 11; 

Pit Orchestra 10-12; Anime Club 10; LEEF Siting Group 11, 12; 

"Music exprmes that which cannot be laid 'and 'en which it i* impossible fie be Silent." - Vicfier Huge 

"In the depth* eft winter, I fenally learned there was in mean iwinciJjle summer. " - Albert Camus 

"It 'is easy fiefjorget : hew fed 'the world 'is eftpeeple, fiult 'fie bunting, and 'each e/j them imaginable and ' centistentty 

ed." - John Green 

Timttf Farrtt 

East Am Club 9, 10; German Club 10, 11; STAND (e/jfecer) 11, 12; Lyrics 10, 11, 12; 

"Life is a bate cleftt, " - Mytefy 

Don't practice 40 thafiyeugefiit right practice until 'yeu get it wrong. "-Kayla Wer&n 

Marcem Federim 

Ultimate Frisbee 11, 12; 




Andrew Feigen, 

KeyCtuA 9-12; U Bhutto FrliSee 9-12; STAND 11, 12; 
Together we con iwaihSuckle with piratei. and mm the engM channel." - ChaieJarW 


Ctm Wee President Interact Clu6 Vft Tenntt V; NHS Scfmt 'Committee Admry Council; 
State Champion Federal Reserve Cup Challenge; 

Think oft yourseljj 'a* on the threshold 'qf unparaiMa 'mem. A whole, elm, ylonou* lift He* heftore you. Achieve.' Achieve!: 

- Andrew Carneyir 

"Fortune favors' the audacious. " - DesiderM Erasmus 


\Lance 9-12; Interacted 10, 11 T, 12; NHS 11, 12; DJST9-12; Spain Trip 11; Powder Pug; Senior Class- Play 
"Believe you can and 'you're hatjjway there. " - Theodore Rooseveto 

Dance 9-12; Interact CluS 10-12; Q/ST9-12; NHS 11, 12; Spain Trip 11; Senior Class-Play Powder Pu§ 

The 60 and ' most Seautiftul thing* in the world ' cannot Se seem or even touched. They must 6e jeto hy the heart." 

- Hellen KeHer 

^ -^ 

Shtmmw, Shtmmni^m, Capttun Crunch 
"Heal the pait, fare the present, and dream the future. " 

"Go confidently in the direction oft your dreams. Live the Hfte you have imagined.' 
- Henry bavUlThoreau 

"Vean teach us more than SookA " 

Kar-Bear, Hume, Hotty. Sara 
Field Hockey 9 -12 C; Lmesse 9-12; Indeer Track 9-12; NHS 11. 12 P; 

" Be you, but we must 'alt 'play together tie be us."- Ann Simon* 
"Hearten fire,- mind en ice." - Mr. Muca 

the lime break* down. " - Oprah wintri 

Jmh Frtedier^ 

Scrceer 9, 12; Indoor Track 9-12; Outdoor Track 9-12; 
you get 'your pamen, you get 'your pride, but don't yeu knew that only jfeefo are tattled? Dream en but don't imagine they'll all t 


Football 9-11; Ski Racing 9-12 C; Lacrosse 9-12 C; Caus- Spoon Army - The General Founder; 

"Work hard. Party harder. " - Brantfterd Winston Worth 

"People talk about hew you have no oxygen in your leg* at the fini4h. . . Forget that. 

You have no oxygen in pur brain of the Mart. " - Bode Miller 

Ryan A. Gait 

Student Council VP 9-12; Student Rep. tie School Committee 11, 12; Student 'Committee Advisory Ceundt '10-12; NHS VPll, 12; 

Jet Jotter 10-12; Key Club Ex BMW, 12; LOS-mta 9, 10; USTA Tennis- 9-12; 

"Peace andblesung jjrem Buddha be upon you. " 

"Prosperity is- net wUheut many jjears and 'distastes; and adversity ts net withduti cern^rB and hope*." - Franco- Bacon 

'The courage we desire and prize a- net the ceuragetie die decently, but tie 6ve man^ulfy. " - Thomas- Carlyle 

BeqfamiM GefonM> 

Heckey9-12; Ba4ebaH 9-10; Track 11, 12; Stock Club 9-12; 

Jet Jotter; Mock Trial; Chamber Orchestra 
"Chickens- are just dumb. " -Gideon Fischer 

French Club 9-12; Accidentals 10-12; I Canton 11-12; Drama Club 10-12; Lyric* 11-12; NHS 11-12; 

"Poetry and ' Hum* aren't : things which you get they're thing* which get you. And all you can do i*go where they can fad 'yea. 

-A. A. Milne 

"Bergin at the begtnning'.tie king said gravely, 'and go en 'uHyou come to the end; then stop. "-Lewi* Carroll 

"It does not do to dwell on dream* and forget to ave." -J. K. Rowling 

Nttk&labJvfM Gifaan 

Soccer JV 9 1/10-12; Hockey JV 9 V 10-12; The Zoo (Orangutan); Field Day Burgundy Team ?,■ Star WarM 

"lb 'Seer ha* never touched 'your tip* youVe never packed a lip or dropped the mitfo.,.chances- are you're net a hockey 
player, and ib you are... chance* are you're not a very good one." - ToddBertuzzi 

Jerenf GOm 


M, Graft 
Soccer 9-11; Basketball 9-11; 

7n order to he irreplaceable one mustalway* he difijerent. " - Coco Chanel 

"Lift i* really ample, hut we insist on making it complicated." '- Confucius 


Girl* Tenni* 9-12; Key CluS 9, 10; CSm Play 4, 12; Dumbledore's Army 9-12; Indoor Track 9; 
Producer o/f Sentor Clou Play; 

"The universe a big. Stop" 

Nicnete, Green-Sean, Nikhi, Buddy OtPal 
Soccer 9 M; Vanity Cheerleading 10-12 C; 

"Like awesome, oh wow, Hke totally fireak me out, I mean right on, 'came Lancer* we are number oner - Bring It On 

"It ever there t* tomorrow when we're not together... there t* something you must alway* remember, you are braver than 

you believe, stronger than you teem and 'smarter than you think. Bui the most important thing i*. even $ we're apart, 

III always- be with you. " - Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh 


Matthew Grim&& 

Ba4eM9, 10; Baikethall9, 10; Caddy 9-12; Stock CluS VP : Id-Tram 11; 

"Some people want it to happen, iome with it would happen, other* make it happen 

Swimming and Diving 9-12; Accidental 11, 12; Interact CluS 12; Swedish Fish 12; 

"Vou mu4fk the change yen wish toieeinthe world. " -Gandhi 

'The universe without muac would he madnm. " 

Max l-taber man 

Tenntt 10-12; BPA 11, 12;JBall9, 10, 11&12.-C Stock CluS 10, 11 & 12; Young RepuS&caM CM 12; 

2009-2010 Stock Market Challenge Winner; 

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there a no path and leave a trait," - Ralph W. Emerson 

"May your haft foya* high a* your dream*"- Michael Scott 

"Before I recuse to take your question*, I have an opening statement. " - Ronald Reagan 

Matttww C&$prd Hadfy 

Hockey JV 9 V 10-12; Soccer 9, 10; Camp Belknap LC 2010; Ultimate Frahee 9-12; Acafolta&ll, 12; Lyric* 12; 

Coach Longmeadow In- Town Soccer 2010; 

\ "I have never let my schooling inter fore with my education. " - Mark Twain 

Shannf, Manny-, Shan 

croise 9-12; Soccer 9-12; Indoor Track 11. 12; BaskethaH9, 10; NHS 11, 12; Interact CluS 10 11; Powder Pug 

Key CluS 9-12; Senior Ctm Play, 

"A day without laughter i*a day waited. " - Charge Chaplin 

Derek Harnumit 

Interact CluS 9, 10 BM 11 P, 12P; BPA 9, 10 BM, 11VP, 12P; STAND 11 Cc-founder/VP 12 VP; 

Jet Jotter 12 Copy Editor; Ai School* Match Wit* 12; Student Advisory Council 12; 

Dance-A-7hon 11, 12; 2011 Creative Director 11, 12; NHS 11, 12; 

"He who humhlei hitnseld wishes Bo he exatted. " - Friedrich Nietesche 

"War* come and go, hut my soldier* Hay eternal. " - Tupac Shakur 

"Hatred ft mined a* much Sir good work* a* Sir eiril."- Niccolo Machiavelli 


Michael Heady 

Baiketball 9-12; Hockey 9, 10; B.P.A. 9-12; Inveilment Club 11, 12; young Republican'* Club 12; J-Batl; 
you have no idea hew high 1 'can fly." '- Michael 'Scott 

Rett Hockey 9-12; LHSFH2KNEWDECADE; Ultimate FruSee 10-12 C; Indoor Track 9-11; 
"Be you, but we mutf all work together tobeut."- Ann Simon* 



i- -)' 


Soccer JV 9 V 10-12 & Sled Team 9-12 C; Indoor Track 9, 10, 12; Outdoor Track 9; Weittrn United FC 9-12; 

"Drink 'Oil theft cute, butmp before die wedding. " - Cheech & Chatty 

"Don't look back and oik why, look forward and oik why net?" 

wtfmm Hlmmn 

Lyric* 10-12; AcafoUa 9, 12; French Club 9-12; AH State Chom 10-12; I Canton 10-12; Jett Jotter 10-12; 

Imprmemil, 12; 
w can faien to what 'everybody lay*, buttkfoctrenuUn^thatyouYeyott&yetouftkreanddetkthinyyour^ ' 

- Dame Joan Souther land 
"Learning mu^ by reading a6ou( il i* lihe making low by mail." - Luciam PavarotR 

Timtftf Hv6art 

Key Club 10-12; Environmental Club 11; 
"Alwayidcrigfd- thti will gratify time and aitoniih the reit," - Mark Twain 

Helmety, Uzzte 
Field Hockey 9-12; Lacroae 9-12; NHS 11, 12; Key Club 9-12; 
"Beyou, but we mmt work together to be ut" - CoachSimom 
"Ufo* Hke playing geaHe, ifiyou bdnk tomeching important might get 'part you. ' 



Eric Hottin 

Nick Hu§he& 

Drama CM 9-12; GeSden Nozzk 

"Onlym Timaap." 

"Sir, pu d&n'thave tkfarepwer. " - Emite 

"I have the num. " - Carter 

Tifter 'T&ad"Jatm 

"Only on Wedneidayi. " 

"Aw yee Muffin*? 


Wind Emembk 9-12; Jazz Emembk 9-12; Clm Treasurer 9-12; A* School* Match Wit* 9-12; Champion* 9. 10; High School Qyiz 
Show Champion* 11; Jet Jotter Butine** Manager 10-12; Impremon* 11, 12; Pep Band 9-12 Conductor; 

NHS Fundramg Chair 11, 12; 

"Even in literature and art, no man who bother* about 'origina&ty wilt 'ever be original: whereat iff you amply try to kit 'the truth (without 

caring twopence hew often it ha* been told before) you will, nine time* out o} ten, become original 'without 'ever having noticed 'it." 

-C.S. Lewi* 




Math Team 9-12; Pokttc* Club 9-11; Latin Club 11; 

"On the infrequent occation* when I have been called upon in a formal place to play the bongo drum*, 
the introducer never teem* to find it necemry to meniim that I a^ do thwretiaal phytic*" 

- Richard P. Feynman 

Eqimtrian Club 9-11; 

"1 want : tO Hand 'at clone to the edge a* 1 'can without ever going over. 
Out on the edge you iee all 'the kindtojj thing* you oantieefrom the center." - KurtVonnegut 


Seccer 9-12; Lacreae 9; Indeer Track 9-11; Outdeer Track 10, 11; Stand 'CiuS 11, 12; Interact CM 11, 12; 
AcafelMl2; PW OrcteMra 11, 12; Jazz Band 11, 12; Cencert Band 9-11; Wind 'Ensemble 11, 12; LyriM12 ; 

'ire. " - Mr. Muca 

Antenien'i Grinder* 9-12; SpanUh CM 11, 12; Veardeekll; NHS 11, 12; Dance 9, 10; Setter C&m Flay; 

•MwaAwef-J.K,Rw k 

^K v wi 

* *£> 

1 ll 


Tenntt9, 10; MedelUNll, 12; Imprenwn* 12; Ce-Feimder o(j Harry Fetter CM - Head e/j Styttterin Hew 

NHS Community Service Cfiair; 

"Hearten jjire, dram en we."- Mr. Mucci 

"It 'tt eur c/ieim thatih&w w/iatwe tftdy are, jjar mere than eur aSiMes. " - Al6u& DumSledere 

"FEENV; Believe in yeurietfi. Dream. Try. Deseed. TOFANGA: Dent yen mean de well? FEENV-- 

Ne, I mean degeed. " - Bey Meett Werld 

Indoor Track 9, 10, 11; Spring Track 12; Key Club 9, 11; S.A D. D. 12; 

"One day your entire tife will 'fauhbefare your ey&. Make we Ufa worth watching." 
"Imper/jectton it beauty. Maanm iigentoui. If a better to be absolutely ridicule m than absolutely boring. 

Culinary Club 9; PeAtwClub 9-12; Impremm 10-12; Jet Jotter 11, 12; Christian Prayer Club 11, 12; 

Treat others at you would tike to be treated. " 

"God is Love." 

Varuz, Barbara, BaaS-i Bark l/am, Vava, Buddy Ot Pal, BarfjaraSean 

Art Club 10-12 P; French Club 9; Set Director Senier Cfoss PSzy Drama CluS Set* 12; 

"We have abandoned 'a tight burden, namely se^-critidm, and taken up a heavy burden, namely selfi-justification. 

"There is no fear tii love; far perfect fare caneth out fear. " 

"Happy is the man who fends wisdom and ' un^standging far tk gain fevm a i* better than 

gain jfrm Milter and profet better than gild. " 

Ben Kremlin 

Ge%9-12; Tennis 9-12; BPA 9-12; Stock Club 10-12; Cam Spoon Army-Commander 

"I told my wi^ I muMn't drink tonight. Actually, we've get a nice tittle Saturday planned. We're going to Home 

Depot to pick up some wallpaper, then maybe we'll hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond... I Don't learnt I don't know tf 

we'll have enough time! FUl it up again. Once it ~hti& your tip*, it Sum so goodr 

Zaeh KrvnCwid 

AnimeClublO, 11; LC7V12; 

Cross Country 9; Ultimate FrisSee 9. 10; Art Club 9; French Club 9; 
Longmeadew Flower* and Gift 11; Powder Pu$ 

"AH you need a love. " - The Beatfa 




m - 

Kek Kefc, Kefaf, Keha, KAfaAif 
Swimmtiy 9-12C; Key CM 9-11; Lifeguard; yearbdvk 12; Track and Field 9-12; Senier C&m 

"Have (pith and dance m the ram. " 
"Never regret the chvimymi made became the cfmiceyeu made yen made ftr a remn, 
md event"' 

Soccer 9-11; Indmr Track 9; Key CM 11, 12; B.P.A 12; 

"Life ttnffPabvitimknf /fir the mm t&pm M aSeul ■dandnf in the ram. 

Andrew Lombard 

Jftih b&ndergan 

D Tram 11; Go/jjl2.-J/ll; 

"May the wind alway* he at your hack and them upon your (pee and may (fie 
wingi o}dediny curry you- ok file dance with- die Man " 

Tucker Jvrd&n AlijertL^^ 

WtUnate FrtSee 9-12; Football 11; 

Lute. LuSenRni 

"Do not go where die path my lead, go Utitead 'where there It ne palh and 'leave a trad." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerion 

Ten, T&r 

Swimming and Diving 9, 11, 12; Crow Country 9; Outdoor Track 11, 12; Powder Pug 

The cure/for everything a salt water.- meat, lean, or diem.' 


Mark L0k 

Shravie, Sfirav, Smi/u. Iwry 

VogalO. 11. 12; Jet Jotter 9, 10. 11. 12; Model U.N. 10. 11. 12; Impremm9. 10. 11. 12; 
Debate 9. 10. 11. 12; German CluS 10. 11. 12; NHS 11. 12; 

"I am the great pretender, wU&ng to dream forever, ffljuil (fiat* away and Id the warn kexp putting me in; 
MjM wad out here and watch the work pan over my head 'because 1 ItUc 'believe alt 'the thing* you iaid. " 

The Jon Freddnik Band 

Madefy Gotten 
JV Soccer 9, 10,- Vanity Tennis 9-12; Captain 11, 12; Spaniih CiuS 10-12 President 11. 12; 

'Tm going to kin up agoing you. you Sean up agaimeme. 
'Thtt way we aon't have tio ikp with our head* in the mud." - Forest Gump 

someone but Watt worki out."- The Beatles 

Ph/>h' Ph/> 

Soccer 9; Inaoor Track; Powder Pu$; 
"I^you wait to do everything- unlit pure me Ufa right, you'll probably never do much qf anything. 

Angefo Thaddeub Manzt 

Semolina SandwuCh Matter 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; young Republicans Club 9-12; Setter Ctdtt Play; 

"you must not allow a wtich to live." - Exodus- 22: IF 

Lmma Manzt 

Martin MarkenAvn 

Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; Soccer 9; UtRtnate 9, 10, 11, 12; NHS 11, 12; youth Soccer coach 12; 


Caw, Carv the LiServ, CarebaySay- 

Volleyball V 9-12 C; Basketball 9; Indoor Track 10. 11; Tennis 9; Outdoor Track 10; NHS 12; 

Powder Puhj 

"LHSVB infinity-" 

"Love a a herribte, h&rrtSte thing when it goes wrong. " - Brody-Jeaner"Come out strong, Kay faugh, 

and 'most 'importantly, have some /jmT '- George Mutry- 


Soccer V9-11; Indoor/Outdoor Track; Unity Club; 
"We may encounter many- (tyeats, but we must not be debated."- MayaAngelou 

Bra, Am6i BraskiU 
Soccer 9, 10; Track 9; Lacrosse 9-12; B. PA 11, 12 VP; Keif Club 11, 12; Senior Class P/ay Powder Puhj; 

"Stay humble and stay on the right path; anything is pontile. " 

"What lies behind us and what ttes-befjore us are ting- matter* compared to what lies within us." 

Ktfte Mcftvnald 

Ultimate Frisbee B Team 9; Cooking Club 10, 11; Key Club 12; Senior CM Play; 

"III be back." 

"A scout is never taken by- surprise; he knew* exactly- what to do when anything unexpected happen*. ' 
ztton is more important 'than knewi ' 

SeamuA McEwif 

Cross Country 9-12 C; Indoor Track 9-12C; Outdoor Track 9-12C; Latin Club 11; 
The will to win mean* nothing tfyou haven't the will to prepare. " -Junta I Kangaa, 19 f 9 marathon winner 

Anna Banana, Mcganna, Anneri 
Volleyball 9, 10, 11C, 12C; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12C; Track 9, 10, 12C: BPA12; 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. " 

"Love it unstoppable. " Rascal Flatts 

"Never let good enough be good enough. Work /for what you want, and once you gel it, work harder to keep it." 

Cmwr K McGMrtck 

Football 9-12; Lamm 9-12; The Zoo 10-12; JCC ' B-Baft '11, 12; Setter C&w Pity; 
Powder Pug; A-Ptatwil, 12; Star War* 

"When the sun come* up, Til be there to say "what up' 'in the morning. " - Scott Meseudi 

Volleyball 9-12; Basketball 9; Indoor Traekll; Lacrosse '9-12; B.PA 10, 11; Masackicll, 12; Jet Jotter 11; Senior C&w Play; 

Powder Pug - Fhstones- 

There are aft 'kinds-o/j love in the world, hut never the lame (eve twice.' '- F. Scott 'Fitzgerald 

"All geod thing* are wild and free. " Henry* David Thoreau 

Sam McKp&wh, 

Hockey 9-11; Peace Jam 12; Camp Dudley 9-12; STAND 11; Senior ClmPSzy 

"Be not Simply good-Se good /jor something. " - Henry David Thoreau 

"By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent. " - Mark ZuckerSerg 

* Orchestra 9-12; Lyric* 9, 10; Wind Ensemble 12; East Am Club 9, 10; Juifthrd 'Pre-Colkge -Division 10-12; NHS 11, 12; St. Mark'* 
\K Church Organist & Choir Director 10-12; 

"Heart on fere, brain mice."- Michael Muca 
"Lift without music it unthinkable. Music without life is academic. That i* why my ctmtact with music is a total 'embrace." 

- Leonard Bernstein 

Kflty, KutyMac, KT 

Cress* Country 9-12; Indoor Track 9, 11; Key CluS 11; B. PA. 10; NHS 11, 12; Sentor C&w Play, Powder Pug; 
'Dreams are ftke stars-... y&u may never touch them, hut ifi you /follow them, they will lead to your destiny." 



Cress* Country 9-12; Outdoor Track and Field 9-11; Indoor Track 9; NHS 11, 12; Ultimate 
FrisSeel2; Lyrics 10-12; The Lumberjack CluS 12; Senior CM Play 

"Sometimes- the read tw traveled i* Iw traveled (pr a reason," - Jerry Seinfeld 

Mufuimmad Merza 

\ [^ 


Baie6atl9; Basketball Manager 9; Interact 10; Stock CM 10, HV.P.12 V.P; B. PA. 11, 12 Trea*ure : 

STAND 11; Key CM 12; NHS 12; Senior Ctdtt Pldf. Wheelefi Convenience; 

Try- not to become a man ob success but a man o/f 'value. " Albert Einstein 

"An eye /for an eye only end* up making the whole worH 'blind." '- Ghandi 

"What you get by achieving pur goal* i* not a* important at what you become by achieving your pah " - Zig Ziglu 

1 j^_^ B 

Patrick Mem^ 

Football 9-12 C; Track 10-12; NHS 11, 12 T; Key CM 9-12; JCC Basketball 11, 12; 

"The difference betiveen a sucoestful person and other* a net a lack efi strength, net a lack 
o/j knowledge, but rather a lack eft will."- Vince Lombardi 

"Pan. . Ball.. . Bender. " - Coach Crawford » 


f H , A 


\ \. "SkM. 




Artmc Dance Comervatory 9-12; Interact CM 11, 12; STAND 11, 12; Ski Team 9; Outdoor Track 10 : JetJotta 

12; Senior C&w Play Choreographer; Powder Pug; 

Tve learned that people will forget what you mi, people will forget what you did, 

but people will never forget how you made themjjeel." - Maya Angelou 

Twenty years foom new you will be mere disappointed by the thing* you didn't de than by the one* you did. So thru 

ohj ' the bowline*. Sail away foom the harbor. Catch the trade wind* in your salt*. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Ml 

Gtem MttheOnum 

Harry Mllfcr 

Jazz Band 10-12; NHS 11. 12; Croquet Team Captain 12; 
"All men are equal before fish. " - Herbert Hoover 

Swimming 9-12; Key Club 11, 12; Town Ufoguard 10-12; 

7hi*sengi*oal&d Alice"* Restaurant. Its about AUce... and ' the restaurant. But Allot* Restaurant 
l* net the name o/f the restaurant, it* Just the name o/f the song. That* why I caff the song AUce"* 

Restaurant." - Arte Guthrie 

Beooa, M tiuzrd&, Ftikf, Tanf, Ve§§ie Monster, Becaj> 

Field Heckey 9-11; Manager 12; Dramtna C tub 10-12; KeyCluh 10-12; 

La Capel&i 10-12; 

'Thfftewhe dream by day are ■ aware efitkng* that empe these whe dream enlyby 

night."- Edgar Allen Pee 

"Tm a lever, net a fighter, but Til fight far whatlleve. " - Author Unknmn 




*PB^r > 


Ange, Angle 
Key Club 9-12; Jet Jetter 11-12; NHS 11, 12; Gtrfo Ultimate 11; yearbeekll; 

"We are bern te fove, we&veteleve and we wiUdie te (eve MM mere, " - St.Jeseph Cafim 

jm M f jfm 

Men'i Cherui 9; Cress Ceuntry 9-12; Indeer Track 9, 10; Outdeer Track 9, 10; 
Eait Asia Club 11; 

will be a* ene. " -Jehn Lenmn 

J&fw Narm&nM 

Ultimate Frttbee 9-12 C; Sled Team 9-12 C; Indeer track 10; Lengbeard Team 9-12 C; Senier Clan Play; 
yew must never under estimate thepewer eft the eyebrew. " -Jack Black 

Peter Namrjr, 

Debate Team 9-12 C; Steck CM 10-12; B.PA. 10, 11; Treasure Scheel CeuncU 9-12; Tenm V9-12 C; 

"Open the deer, Richard r 
Wetter tell 'peepte hew te de things. Telt 'them what 'fade 

Cheer leading 9-12; 
"Heal the past; Live the present, and Dream the /future. ' 

Nikki, Ne§#i 
Softball V 9-12 C; Soccer Vll; Powder Pug; 

ducover who you can be. 7hepemn that you want t& be doe^exat, somewhere on the other ade o^ hard work 
and 'feuth and ' bekefi, and 'behind 'the heartache and '(far ob what 'fife hoi." 

Smekin' Okan, l-Dm 

Soccer 9; Softball 9; Key Club 10-12; Interact Mil, 12; NHS 11, 12; 
Harry Poller Club 11, 12; Senior C&m Play; Powder Pug; 

Max Omer 

Basketball 9; Baseball 9, 10; Gotjf 10-12; Supercrewll; SCC Pro Shop; D-Tramil; Star War* Stock Club; 
'Associate yourselfi wilh men ofi good quality- tfyou esteem your own reputation; far 'ttt Setter to he alone than tit had 

company. " - George Washington 
"We was- young and we wm dumb, but we had heart." - Tupac Shakur 
know God will not give me anything- 1 can't handle. Ijdstwtsh that he didn't truit me with io much. " - MotherTerm 

4 Mthe truth, eiten when I tie. " - Tontf Montana 

SRney, SRnegiax, Xtme 
Ba4ketball9, 10; youth Council 10-12; Haiti Plunge 10-12; Senior ClmPhy; Powder Pug; 

*mpletely unafraid. To me, fearlw a having doubfo, 
' thingi that ieare you to death. " - Taylor Swift 

m mwz^mt 

Kjfte Omuder 

Swimming 9-12; Ultimate Frabee 10-12; Key Club 9, 10; Interact Club 11, 12; Fit Club 9; Senio, 
CImPlay, Water Polo Club 9; Lifeguard 10-12; NHS 11, 12; 

Some people like to go through life riding the current, trying not to make any noticeable iptaihei 

along the way. 
But I lay whatfjun it the ocean without any wave&?" 


A ffn* > ^» m .* *m >* *a ft *% M i** •*» *' 

\ Alexander Pa4c 


Swimming 9-12; Wind En4emb& 9-12; Symphony Orchestra 9-12; 
NHS 11, 12; Tutoring Chair 12; Jazz Band 9; 

"On&r thole who ri4k going too feir can poiAiSly fend out hew fetr one can go..." - IS. E&et 

Evm Patzl 

Jazz Enmbfie 9-12; PilOrchettra 10-12; Math team 9-12; Jet Jotter 10-12; Debate team 11. 12; 

Firld Hockey JV 9. IOC. Vll. 12C; Indoor Track 9. 10; Outdoor Track 9-11; Powder Pu$ ; 

"Be you, but we mutt all work together to beta."- Coach Simon* 


Football 9-11,- Ba*ketbaH9, 10; Lamm 9-12; LHSLAXFILES 11. 12,-JCCB- Ball 11; 

Lax Crew; The Zoo 11; LCPS Al Teamo Deitructo Running o/jthe Bullil2; 

Cau* Spoon Army- - Cam; 

"No one give* it to you. you have to take it. " 

Ttee been earning and burning, mapping neck*, and cat/ting check*: " 


Seceer 9; Ski Team 9-12 C; Tenni* 10-12; NHS 11. 12; Interact Club 11, 12; 
Senter C&w Pfiuj, Powder Pu$ ; 

'Twenty year* from now you will be mere disappointed 'by the thing* you didn't ao than by the 
thing* you did do. Sail away from the iafr harbor. Explore. Dram. Ducwer." - Mark Twain 

Earring, Er-Bear 

Tk Accidental 10-12; Jet Jotter 11, 12; Lyric* 11. 12; A* School* Match WU&12; NHS 11. 12; 

"Theresa trad 'that Tit 'be hiking juH to iee where it might go. Many placet yet 'to Ml, many people yet to know. And 
infrllowing my dream. I will five and I will grow on a trail that* waiting out (here on the looie. " 

Brian PCm6 

Ge/fl V 10-12; Hockey 9. 10; Baseball 9; 

"lb you're netfrrit. you're fine. " -Ricky Bobby 

Tm like the truth; you can't handle me."- KyleDougla* 

"Dent fid : /format 'teaming get in the way o$ creativity. " - Mark Twain 

"65 percent ob the Urn it work* everuume. " - Anchorman 


Crow Country 9; Go^ 10-12; Senior Clan Puzy ; Star War* Lacrosse 9-12; A-Puines-11, 12; LCPS12; 
LHS Lax Me* 11, 12; Tk Zoo 11, 12; Et 'Team Destructtr 9-12; Cam Spoon Arm - General; 

"Cuz Ms- just another day in the life oft the bow. " - Rick Ron 
That strong mother doesn't : telt 'her cub ion to stay weak so the wolres can get you. She lap, Toughen up, thttis-the 

Crosi Country 9-12 C; Indoor Track 9-12; Outsdoor Track 10-12; Interact Club 11, 12; 
NHS 11, 12; Senior ClasiPldy Powder Pug; 

'There are a thousand 'reasons fe>r fialiure, but not a angle excuse. " - Anatoli Taraiov 

Luc, Lutyowe, Lit 

NHS 11, 12; Interact 10, 11, 12; Keg- 
Powder Puffl Jettons; Senior C 

\> Soccer 9; 

"I don't believe in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party I just believe UiparUei. ' 

Orchestra 9-12; Key Club 9-12; Model UN 10-12; Impression* 10-12; NHS 11, 12; 
Dance 9-11; Senior C/ass Play Director; 

Kfrtto Qifim 

Micfiaet 'FtUner 


Hockey 9-12 C; Stock Club 10-12; B. P. A 10-12; NHS 11, 12; 

'The only thing that -comet to a sleeping mn is dream. " - Tupac Shakur 

"Control your own dating, or someone else will. " -Jack Welch 

'Done be afraid to give up the good to go ftor the great. " -John D. Rockefeller 

FmlkH '9-12; Tenm 9-12; JCCBaikaiaU 9-12; 

Soccer JV 9 V 10-12 C; Basketball 9, 10; LacreaeJV9 M 10-12; Key Club 10-12; 
Interact 11, 12; S.AD.D. 12; NHS 11, 12; 

'Take udiatyou can, /from pur dream, make then real 'at anything. " 

AdamM. Rentier 

Middle School 'BaiebaH; Football 12; Man Mutual 'Center Lucky Strike Remurant, 

Lyrmi2; German CM 10; Accidental 10, 11; Track & Field 10-12C; 

"Knew thyselfr" 

NHS 11, 12; Vega Club 10, 11; Culinary Club 9, 10; Key Club 9; Interact Club 11; 
"Always stand up far what® right, even itfyeu are standing alone. " 

Sak Steph, LtM Duckie 
Field Hockey 9-12; Lamm 9-12; NHS 11, 12; Semier ClmPldy Powder Pug; 

"1^ you get a chance; take it. IfiW change* your life; Seta." 
"Be you, but we all mu^ work together to beta." LHSFH2KNEU7DECADE 

Tarc[Uone Samuew 


"Ad Im gonna do ttjutige on and do what I feet. " -Jimi Hendrix 

"Don't walk in fronted me, I may not fallow. Don't walk behind 'me, I may net lead. 
JuHwalk beside me and 'be my /friend." 'Albert : Canm 


Volleyball V 10-12 

"Ifilhada world ofi my own, everything would be nontenie. Nothing wouoldbe what it a 

because everything would be what if im't. And contrary-wiM; what if a, it wouldn't be, 

and what if wouldn't be, it would be... you lee?" 

Uze, Uy 
Crou Country 9-12; Indoor Track 9, 11; TenrtoMlO; NHS; 

"Be who you are and my- what yen fleet because thoie who mind don't matter, 

andthoie whe matter don't mind. " 

- Dr. Sem 


Soccer 9, 10; STAND 11, 12; Interact 10, 11; NHS 10. 11; 

"Don't take fife too iertouity; you'll never gel out obit afore. " - Elbert Hubbard 

"When it comet time to die, make me alt 'you yet to do a die." ' - Jim Elliot 

Nice, Nm, NuM 

Mamkacil, 12 Editor; NHS 11, 12; Plane 9-12; Twin Htt& Country Club 12; 
Senior Clm Play, Powder Puhj; 

"Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way. " -Ja4on Mraz 

Patrick SevW 

Waterpolo 9; Football 10-12 C; Rugby 11, 12; tacroae 9. 10; Ba4ketbaH9 C; 

" lb you come to a fiork in the road, lake it."- VogiBerra 

"And we are chuck /fuHojj that man. " - Raul Duke 

"Sometumyou eat the bear and iomeUmei. well, the bear eat* you. " 

Beryatnin SwitfMfr 

Stefan Sflkrg 

TenniA 10-12; Debate 9-12 P Mock Trial 11, 12; Key Club 10-12; Stock Club 10-12; Medet 'UN '10-12; 
Stock Market Challenge Federal Reterve Cup New England ChampionA; Etfi at Bright Night* 

you won't 'do it." 
'That* what the laid." 

"Maul me blazer" 

SmMj-, Smitten 

Soccer 9, 10; Lacroae 9, 10; Indoor Track 9-12; Outdoor Track 11, 12; 
Powder Pug; Senior Cum Pfoy,- 

Spanish Club 11, 12; Art Club 10-12; Indoor Track 9, 10; 

- The Thing* They Carried by Tim O'Brien 
"Im here... which, roughly translated, mean* I would ' ratkr die than Hay away Jrom you." '- Twilight 

Jvhn Sdpef 

Six Flag*-ll and 12 : 
"I knew, M only rock and roll, but I like it. "-Miek Jogger 

Emn S&tirvp&ufo* 

Motocrou9. 10. 11, 12; Supercro&9, 10, 11, 12; Arenacroi* 11, 12; 
"Winning tint everything; belieiring you can i*. " 


Sawuet 'Sprtntfatf 

D. Steif, Dav 

Crm Country 9-12; Track 11, 12; Ski Team 9-11; KeyCluS 9-12; B.P.A. 9, 10; Ctkw Secretory 10-12; 
ClmPlay4, 12; SMiny Team VPll, 12; Harry Potter Clui; Powder Pu$ - Jetton* 

"We party with hook* and equation* " 

Benjamin Sterrtft 

Foothall 9-12; Lacroae 9-12; J-Ball 11, 12; Cam Spoon Army - Head Shaman; 

"I don't want to be a product o/f my environment. I want my environment to he a product o/j me. ' 

"Boy or girt, the name will he Patrick. " 

Toy- Toy-, Taijfor Mevw 
Crm Country 9-12; Indoor Track 9; Outdoor Track 9-12; Key Cluh; Powder Pug; Senior Ctm Play; 


?,. '•* *l 

Leo, Tank 

Key Cluh 9-12; Ultimate Frttbeell; Twin HMll. 12; Powder Pu§ Senwr Ctm Play; 

"Women ihouldhe two thtity* clmj and (phutoui. " - Coco Chanel 
"Real lift i* real 6ft, really. " - Luke. More To Love 

Etie, Duke 
Dance 9-12; ACTS 9-12; Powder Pu$ Senior Clm Play Choreyrapher.- 
"Real lift i* real 6ft, really. " - Luke, More To Loire 

Cjftuh, ttndfta, '7k Girt 

Math CM 9-12; NHS 11, 12; Key CM 10-12; Pep Band 10, 12; STAND 11, 12; Voya CM 10-12,- 
Chamber Orchestra 11,- Jet Jet&r 11,- Soccer 9,- 

'Friendship is- unnecessary &ke philowphy, like art...Ilhas-no4urvimt 'value; rather it is one ob ' thoie thing* that : yive 

mlue to mvaral." - C.S. Lewis- 

Swim Team 9-12 C; Lonymeadow Symphony Orchestra 9-12; Key CM 9, 10; Interact 12; 

"Keep ca/k, and carry on. " 

(jutkni, Red, I&znnamm, Ginger 
)ccidentals 10, 12; Lyrmil, 12; Sweedish Ftthll, 12; I Cantori 12; Wind Ensemble 11, 12; yearbook 12; STAND 
11, 12; SPFTV9-12; Imprewens 11; Student Advisory Coundt '11; Superintendent Search Committee 11; Wat 
Hartfprd Community Theater 11; Rocky Hi£l Community Theater 10; Senior Clou Play Powder Pug; 

"U{je is- an unplayed -sheet o^ music. The world is- your infrument. you are the musician. Play. 

Tim Tayfor 

HockeyJV9 V 10-12; Ge%\/ll; Baseball 9; NHS 11, 12; 

"Keep pur noie out oft the iky, keep pur heart to God, 

and 'keep your face to the riMnf Mm." ' - KdnyeWeit 

you miss 100% of the shots- you don't take. " - Wayne Greteky 

r veTeed 

Soccer V 10-12 C; Baseball V9-12 C; WreU&ny V9 ; Stock CM 9, 10; Teed* Auto Detail 11, 12; Men'* Chorus-, 

"A (jutt 'mind 'is an empty bat." '- VoyiBerra 

'Justmanyin. " - MaWHadley ^ 

raders are net born. They are made by hard 'egort, which is the price that 'alt 'erf us must 'pay to achieve any yoal that f{ 

is worth whit " - \Ance Lombardi 


■ i 

Lacreae 9-12; Creu Country 9-12 C- Basketball 9; S&ddiny Team 11, 12 Treasurer.- 
Senior C&w Play Powder Pug,- 

"Anytime you do somethiny /jrem the heart, people Just know it. " - Brad Paisley 


Mtcftaek 'Tvrcia 

JVLacroue 9; JV Hockey 9, 10; Crm Country 10. 11, 12; Vanity Outdoor Track 10; 
El Team DeUructe 9; Bay State Buccaneer* Hockey 12 

"IP* netting- penonal, ifi Urictly butine**. ' 

Liv, O&ve, SctrdUe 

Vanity SofibaH 9, 10. 11, l2(Capt0in); Soccer 9; Indoor Track 9,-JCC Camp Councelor 10-12; 
JCC Apr School Program Councelor 11, 12; JCC Basketball Score Keeper 11, 12; 

"Oh yea, champagne year '-DJPautyD 


GymnaHio* 1-12; NHS 11, 12; Peer Leadenhip 11, 12; 
The future depend* on what we do in the present." - Mahatma Gandhi 

Key CluS 9-12; yep CluS 9-11; Senior Cla** Play Powder Pu$ 

Wherever you go, go with your heart. " 

jmph Vvlk 

Football 9-12; Lacroae 9-12; Key CluS 9; NHS 11, 12,-JCC B-BaUll, 12; 

Longmeadow youth BojketbaH 'Coach; LAX FILES 11, 12; 

Cam Spoon Army - General Founder 

"Lax, a a party. " 

Tm ready fm waOun'tallf you think your ready te run with the bull*? fire Seen earnin'and 

burnin', mfipin neck* and ' caihin 'check*" 

Stace, StaceFace, Sttwty. Mom 

Cheerleading 9; Accidental* 10-12; Sweduh Ftih 12; Drama CluS 10-12; Senior Cla** Play 

Shaker Bowl 11, 12; Theatrix 9, 10; Powder Pu§ Senior DiMrictt 9.- Lyric*; 

Sick, Stacy" - Adam Caronna 

" I believe everyone should have a room where they let out their relea*e*. 

to my room wo* a stage. " -Jimi Hendrix 

T>o net be deceived by appearance*, jjor beauty i* found within."- Beauty and the Beast. 

David Wa(en 

LacroMe V9-12; Footfall 9 JV 11. 12; 
7tb not tk dmiilUfr that defjineb you, Wi how you, deal with the 

-Jim ASSott 

ChriAfopkr Warner 

Mere, Medz 

Andre' Welch 

Soccer V 10-12; Lacroae V 10-12; Worked 'at Big V; 

Tm Wfwafon 

Laeroae 9-12; Footfall 9; B.P.A. 11, 12; Stock CM 11; KjtMnf CluSiO; 
Senior Clan Play; Star War*; 

"f put all my genius into my &^e : I put only- my talent into my work*. " - Oiear Wilde 


Christopher WiMamb 

f Thetfare: K^ra Atkrf, 
ton and Alexandria Zippin. 


k> M f 




fc 7 

■R «s-« ».^cjr 

Bt ' *li 

?>W>s ^ 


C jj IV Iv 



?*^ F ° 


^M ^« — -diftfl 





t*i - 







»l| g 

M IP $ 

§11 § 

i 1 i 1 


k0wr MM. ftim&n 0> 

^m 7 

p— ^L 








I Ow«r 



^ — « 








m M 

IiWMH ,-, i; 





A 1 





MM Cham 




Caroline Martin. 

>': UcG/M:. Ann 
in, Afi Dmuwf, 

Pi; 1 1a O'Hara 

■*0* ^ 



Best Car: Carissa Cartelli 

Best Voice: 
Stacy Wacks . 

Best Smile: 
Jack Polak & Alexa Rowe 

Best Dressed: 
Jack Reuter and Andie & Rachel Firestone 

- i 

■J ^ s 


«•£=* f 

Most Likely to Sleep in 
Class: Nick Gilman 

Most Likely to be on Broadwa\ 
.__ , Sarah Banning 

Best Eyes: Jack Cresci & Andrianna Loizz 



Best Athletes: 
Jeff Anderson & Stephanie Sabatini 

» ^ 

Most Likely to Skip Class: 
Alex Zucker 

Most Likely 
to be on TV/ 

Matt Hadley 

Best Looking: 
Nick Zwaan & Taylor Maxey 

Most Likely to Win an Eating 
Contest: Jackie Dunn 


Most Likely to Have 

Cell Phone On: 

Jenna Rome 

Best Laugh: 
Dean Craven & Kayla Albanc 

Most Friendly & Most Likely 
to be President: PJ Nassar 

Class Couple: 
Drianne Laliberte & Tucker Low 

Best Facial Hair: 
Weng-Him Cheung 


Most Likely to be Sent to the Offfice, 

Most Likely to Set Off the Fire Alarm, 

Class Clown: Brian Plumb 

Class Taxi: 
Joey Teed & Lucy Psaltis 

,^t^mL,L Jb« 

Most Changed in 

High School: 

Max Omer 

Most Likely To Be Seen At A 
Concert: Kelsey Lockhart 


Class Geniuss: 
Weng-Him Cheung & Cynthia Susai 


Most Likely to 
Cure Cancer: 
Kara Freeman 

Most Theatrical: 
Billy Hinman & Sarah Bannin< 

Most Likely to Bounce: 
Jack Reuter & Guido Alexander 



iwnn u- 

r fMm . 

Best Friday Jokes: 
Kayla Werlin 

Best Facial Hair: Jeff Pinney & John Pantuosco 



Most Likely to Tell 
You How It Is: 
John Williams 

Best Dressed: Jaime Dibbern 

Best Car: Joe Sweeney 

Best Smile: 
Judy Neilson 

Most Likely to Wear a Sweater Vest: 
Bill Lyon 

Most Likely to Blow 

Stuff Up & Set Off the 

Fire Alarm: Tony "Doc" 


Most Likely to Yell While in a 
Brick Room: Nick St George 

Best Tan: Larry Berte 


Most Likely to Fall Through a 
Ceiling: Tom Landers 


t% \ i 

Most likely to Have a 
Special Tie for Quiz 
Day: Rob O'Connell 


Most Likely to Snipe 
Electronics: Aaron Keller 

Never to be Seen Wearing 

Yankee Apparial: Paul 




Most Likely to be Heard 
From a Mile Away: 
Rosemarie Moriatry 

Most Likely to Have the 

"Awkward Conversation" In 

Class: Mary Ellen Dillon 



* Man FL 
MppM elm officer* Adam Schmu&r, 
Maytiard, Erin Kl^rnan, attd Emify Wa 

m i 










.■■■Mi . 

(t> ml f • 





y /». 





I ! I •■ . •■' I 


Al A 













1 ' ~ 




M 1 

^1 ^^k 1 ^L 


^f«" £l 


^L i M Bh J|H 

^B I * '1 

A c.OSo 




I ■— " 1 


* ft 

lame i ii ppn 

S. mi. inlh. i ( n. i, I- 





ft ■ 


IF* 1?L 

U2 ■■ 


« i ~ ^ 



Bnunmi K 

^^^^m ^1 

***■?»> 1 1 i H ' 



|i it 

W 1 T 

" te>-*-" 

/ / 





L r 'A 

JF5" r^L 






II i Mi i i 
li .1 > ' i 
P ., i Pali nl.i i>| 
latmiiu Papouti 

t hryrtellt P 
Autim Percj 
Matt!* r i 


.-A. ^, * 












V - 











* 5 







1 iM^O 


• J 

H *^ ^^^P^^Il^I 



Connor Abad 
Niles Ackerman 
Patrick Aheam 
Austin Amato 
Molly April 
Orit Armon 
Olivia Aseltine 

William Aye 
Ryan B'Shara 
Laura Baker 
Kevin Barry 
Eric Barsalou 
Madison Beaulieu 
Abraham Belyy 

Allyssa Black 
Ryan Blain 
Hailey Brinnel 
Matthew Brown 
Sebastian Brunei! 
Kelsey Burke 
Christopher Byrne 

Sean Byrne 
Louis Calabrese 
Lisa Calcasola 
Catherine Camacho 
Ashley Camerlin 
Patricia Camerota 
Angela Caputo 

Anna Carey 
Elizabeth Caronna 
Graziano Carpentieri 
Mary Casey 
Colin Cassidy 
Danielle Chabot 
Talya Chait 

Zachary Chase 
Zachary Chemick 
Weng-Ching Cheung 
Adam Chiz 
Devante Clarke 
Madalyn Cohen 
Rebecca Cohen-Lindfors 


Emma Collins 
Paul Collins 
Justin Coon 
David Copeland 
Shane Coughlin 
Griffin Crafts 
Alexandra Crews 

Cameron Decain 
Eliot Decker 
Jessica Dee 
Courtney Devin 
Samantha Dibbern 
Natalie DiBona 
John Dombek 

Brian Douglas 
Nicholas Drennan 
Keegan Dudeck 
Nicholas Dunkerley 
Liam Dunne 
Patrick Durocher 
Daniel Ehrlich 

Nathan Elder 
Raven Emanuel 
Hannah Epstein 
Sarah Etkin 
Fahad Farooqui 
Jacquelyn Filomeno 
Katherine Fleming 

James Formaggioni 
Stephen Freyman 
George Frick 
Jenna Friedberg 
Antonio Fu- 
Simone Gelinas 

Mark Gentile II 
Eve George 
Hannah Gilman 
Hannah Glick 
Samantha Goldaper 
Ethan Goldberg 
Alec Goodman 

) +tfC9h 


Taylor Gordenstein 
Alexander Gottzmann 
Noah Gurzenski 
Andrew Hadley 
Erica Haines 
Christopher Hannigan 
Thomas Hannigan 

Chelsea Harrison 
Jillian Heger 
Cecilia Hennessy 
Kathryn Higham 
Meghan Hurley 
Jennifer Hurwitz 
Daniel Ishak 

Ariella Jaron 
Brenton Jenkins 
Meghan Jones 
Ethan Kadis 
Zachary Kalman 
Myung Kang 
David Rearing 

Owen Kelleher 
Rose Kelly 
Shea Kelly 
Cormac Kennedy 
Jared Kennedy 
Timothy Kennedy 
Connor Kivari 

Jeremy Koerner 
Rachel Kofman 
Rachel Korn 
Jacob Krainson 
Ashley Kratovil 
Samantha Krevalin 
Nicholas Kristoffy 

Stephen Krushell 
Caroline Kusiak 
Alexandra La Bella 
Joshua Lazarus 
Benjamin Leavitt 
Eric Lee 
Joseph Lee 

Kyu Ho Lee 
Alyssa Lehouiller 
Mary Lemay 
Alexander Leslie 
Matthew Levsky 
Aaron Lipp 
Frederick Liu 

Christopher Lockhart 
Laurence Lohman 
Stephanie Loizzo 
Elise Lombard 
Michael Longo Jr 
Hunter Lubenstein 
Tyler Lucey 

Anthony Luongo 
Rachael Lyons 
Morgan Mailman 
Briana Mango 
Poornima Manikantan 
Laura Manzi 
Michael Mariano 

Emily Martin 
Andrew Massa 
Meghan Matthews 
Robert McClure 
Molly McQuade 
Sally Mikhlin 
Julia Miller 

Julia Morisi 
Christopher Mucci 
Andreas Mueller 
Alexander Muller 
Sean Mulvaney 
Ross Muratore 
Kristen Nadeau 

Benjamin Neveu 

Tyler O'Brien 

Alexa O' Hara 

Zoe Ochoa 

Taylor Ollari 

Matthew Paleologopoulos 

Vivek Palreddy 


Adam Paquette 
Hayley Payne 
Richard Pelchar 
Eric Pers 
Zoe Piccus 
Kevin Pierce 
Christopher Pierson 

Samuel Plotkin 
Michael Poisson 
Grace Polak 
Mollie Posnik 
Alexis Pothul 
Myriam Poznar 
Jennifer Putnam 

Kyle Quinn 
Kelsey Regan 
Katherine Reggiannini 
Brian Reid 
Kevin Reilly 
Ethan Requardt 
Nakeisha Roberts 

Katherine Rosen 
Austin Rowe 
Tiffanie Russo 
Spoorthi Sampath 
Alexandra Santiago 
Anna Schwartz 
Joseph Scibelli 

Candice Scott 
Chandler Scyocurka 
Michael Sell 
Alex Shapiro 
Connor Shea 
Keri Shea 
Megan Shea 

Tayyab Sheikh 
Jacob Shenker 
Alexander Sherman 
William Shrenker 
Austin Sierra 
John Sinclair III 
Nicholas Sitaras 



Hannah Skiest 
Logan Skole 
Dylan Smith 
April Solon 
Chang Bae Son 
Julia Spelman 
Mariah Stambovsky 

David Stewart 
Matthew Stockley 
Nathan Strain 
Jane Stream 
Alexander Strempel 
Matthew Suzor 
Makayla Syphrit 

Olivia Szostkiewicz 
Will Szostkiewicz 
Dillon Talbot 
Morgan Taniwha 
Shane Taylor 
Steven Tignor 
Ashley Toebes 

Lena Topitzer 
Amanda Torcia 
Alexander Torpey 
Amanda Tyler 
Christopher Valdes 
Alec Walt 
William Walthouse 

Maria Waslick 
Gabriel Webb-Millet 
Blake Webler 
Samuel Weinberg 
Nathan Weissman 
Anthony White 
Colin White 

Trevon While 
Caleb Wint 
Emma Wohlers 
Michael Woods 
Kimiko Wysocki 
Mikayla Wysocki 
Derrick Yam 


Julie Yesu 
Alexander Zdonick 

TkfclfowiHtf memierttftfte Clm oft 2013 are neP pictured: 
Etfum Kvltz,JiMn Nathan, Ryan, MoIdvhM& 



I .ii\ Mbann 
i Li Mi ■ mdni 

I h.<i \<innii 

lii n| .Linn Vroiv i 'ii 

BriMiki I'.. i. ■ k) 

inn lie Bi lie 

lllllcT Midi 

ilu Bi*Ul 

I Bium 
on Bluckinun 
uil Boyle 

I'll! Hl'/I 'I • I ■ .Ml. Il 

Samuel Bra> 

Hi. ihi. Hi 

ah Hi .1 .h 
mtlle Km '.'i i 
lei) mi Bun 
ma Butera 
Brendan i .ill .n 

i I. Ulllhl 

l.uni- . ( i-.i ■, 

M.i ', Chamberlain 
Shone i hapnuui 

II i . 1 1 I 1 1 I C k 

IWfCll > 'III [X MM ■ 

M.ifiui ( l.nton 
S.n.ili ( I, mi >h '-.. ■ nil 
( hoi lottc Collini 
i hliie i . iitnef) 
(inllin < onnon 
I. keph i Dntalini li 
Maiihi v i oopei 



C upland. 

Mn .i l.i ( iiiln-ii 
i hi i ituphi i i osb 

i .h.i 

i mil] ( niiHiii' 
I illi.i 1 1 u li Si 





i ■■ . ■ , . i 

Dumel Fcir 

M:i. H.iitK i 
Mic hucl Hanson 
ishli '. Heel Srhnell 
Kali- i u.i 1 1 

M.iu ll.ii'.haw 

Michael Hepper 
drew 1 1 huh, in 



iNlian i ■-• 1 1 1- ■ 
in lluilcy 
Haley l .1 v* •■ 
Shuhh.iiii inaki 

\i 1. inn. 1 K ,il- • Mih'. 

!'!•.■ 1.1 Kegler 

I Mi M KrlkllCI 

Nicholas Kennedy 
Madeline KiBJ 

I.IM'll K 

\. iin, mi knli. 1111,1-1. 

Kin Kmovil 

Rm hel KiiM.k k 

M .s .int. kniiui 


M.n 1, hi. 1 I ,1. Inn- 1 

Jacob I .u|lm\ 
I Uic 1 'Til'' 
Raid I eveiltee 

l 1/. 1 1 .'ili Lcvscm 
1 ,11 11. id Nas Lew h 
stint Li 

u.i 1 ii>. win 

•llll I IU 

/jihai > I "iiil. (1 in 
s,i .inn. ih I iirclii 
/.u i..iry I 

lintt Maccornrii k 
A tit it Mam 

lake M.111/1 

1 umpbell M.ik li.wii 

M.n> M.iuhoe 

\nilitiiis Martin 

f ric Mau 

m 1. 1. inir Maura 

I. in Mr. ii.iul 

Rmiii Mi( 

Michael Mi 

Robert M< 

Kavkc O 1 1 


1 | 

- B 

■V ■ 



^s. ' 


T ' 




- ••, H k 






U .Hi. .111 I'.ilkcu. 

i in i in Pindolfl 
Nil il . Pupuutuki 

Nicholas r .1, i 
• ii . ii 1 1 1 u Pillion 


PclroN it 
churl Plumb 

V.I.IIH I'.'ll.lll 

Mu hurl I orcelh 
Ionian pycr* 
Viulrcv Quvh 

H i Kali man 

III K.i'. .mi i 

llll ^ ill 




d Ku ■ ti. i. 

K'. .ii. 


S.I.I, li 

■l.'ll Nlllllii 

ly Simon 

Sl'.ll l 

tiler Smith 

\l\ i. . SiiiiiIi 

I. • llll I •'• Ml 
III, \,.|U-| 





f 1 


Waailcu l 



JL 4 J 

PI <. ~M 


/S^f 1, jiXJkk 

^^^^^^^^^^■^r >^^^ 



m ||u) 

. * V ^^ 

i 'V 

■ | ■ ^=S 

1 V ff ^^ 1 1^ 

i J'PVs!!*^ j 



| i : 

\^~ s 


. to „ j 

Bi< f I.. 



Thenmim vfi Ldftgmetulm High Scfmltofo 

thai ^ encourage and 'amt ^btdividuat 'tfudentoto 
devefop their educational 'potential Succmm 

vurmMon mil '6e metmred ' ijf the degree t& 
whtch mdentt meet 'the Mfmt-wide, department, 

andcvurte expeoMmjfvr mdent learning. 



Marie Doyle 

Tom Landers 


Larry Berte 

Paul Dunkerley 

^1 ^M— iJEMft 

Mam Almeida 




Lawrence Bert* 

Maureen Cadim 
Deiffrah Catia/m 
Goerge Caretla* 
Cheryi Coianwa 
Mark Cormier 


Pamela Dimuti 

KflMai Epaut 

Barbara Ezer 

Jennifer Faulkner 
Katiierine Fedvrw 



Jama Flaherty 

MaShew Flanagan 


Ju&a Fmirnier-Rea 

Mtehek Garre$ 

Hilary Gedin 

Laura Gvldum 

RUa Hawker 



Karen Lecke 
William Lym 
Dmm Lym 

Sandra Macbtmald 
Patrick Magemn 
Wendy Martin 
Jonathan Maunke 

Sarah McCarthy 
Linda McPart&ui 
Jemca Moore 
Remote Moriarity 

Michaet 'Muctt 

Robert O'Connell 
Cindy OMaltey 
Karen OmarHan 

Sum Peter* 
Pamela Pten 
Heather Pottard 


Janice Pontaooloni 



Lort RotSin* 

Mana Romeo 


Alexander RoOko 

Jennihr Roumu 


Joteph Rutenko 


Bethanie Sawyer 

Megan Schwartz 


Anthony Shroud 


Joanne Sleigh 

Marianne Smith 


Lon Snyder 

Geoftrey St Pierre 

Nicholas St George 

Mark Staph 

Charlotte Stole 

DeSra Stegall 


Jeieph Sweeney 
Kfifta ThmayAtcata 
UniAnne TrmStay 


Lerraute VamfopffiUw 
Stewart Waffier 
Shetly Warren 

KflMen Wet& 

Kfijfta Wer&n 
John Wittlam 
Tanner Wittanti 
Catherine WiAeman 

The (ptfowiHjj '4ta$ memeSm are net pictured.- Wmme Balaian, JemtfrrB&ten, MCalaSnte, 
Natalie deGruyt, Aartm K$er, Ata NUwt and Maty TaMeP-Bartf 


/ i 

K" Jr 1 rwi 


L» F 1 "llwrf'iffl 

4 ■ 1 ¥ '' .-•■ s IM^ 


' fr i si w 


J ■' , 1 


I^^^HflB ■ ■ ^H 

HI . 

Thtt year* watk im dedicated fa Conner 

Regw&k Brianna Tdvnwan, B&i Pimu, 

ChriBne ftvCarmv, Ma§§ic Camp, Harn 6 

Rea, andjahirah Sfone. 

Maftfieir memories five m to put hearfa 

<i ji 


TftM year many LHS 
gradual®, wto were heme 
frr 7kmk4@Mn#, came by 



■ ■■Mi. 

Spike If For Life 

An annual (jUnd- ratter designed fio roue money i 

Bay State Regional Cancer Program. LHSGu 

Vottegtatt ratted over $4, 300 fcr the Bayttate 

Regional Program through i& Spike If For Life 

cancer awarenm campaign. 

X^"^" " K-k- XK321 





* It! 

Tfyjft oft Hvpe BrwtfCawer Watk 


f ft ■• Donald, Betty and A ft ~i 
e Leaping Lan nin the 17th- Annual 

TfMywr'* Fay* &( Hope Walk rami $950, 000, 

vttb 4tarliM 1994, mere than $9 miM&n d&Har&haA 
n ratted 'W help find a eurejj&r BreatfCaner. 


Super Marfr KtirP, Star Wan 

and wen, a fecial per farnuince frvm 

Tatffor SM$ ftertetfif 


Svntepe&pte think, ttutfwtfre Wv vttto 
drew up ftr Hadowem... Wed, we i 


Senior C&w P&f 

Play Check List: 

* Semolina's Sandwich (dinner) 
? Starbucks' Coffee (caffeine) 
P- Homework (time killer) 

"I'm forgetting something..." 

"Oh yeah... my script! 

mf mm 

f \ ' 'ami 


W /l/WSE? \ 





» «■ 

Thanks to the awesome 
people behind the 
scenes: stage crew, set 
design, lighting and 
sound crew, and, of 
course, the pit 

Book To The W* 

Directors: Celia Gibson & Ally Pyers 

Producers: Spencer Janes & Sarah Greenberg 

Choreographers: Morgan Metropolous & Eleanor Stream 

Pit Orchestra Conductors: Rebecca George & Evan Patel 



The Wednesday Aefpre ThankAgwy tea 
weciatdaiffir LHSgfrk IBthkr chance to 

ptayedtii the annual 'Powder Pufftgamef The 











.- ' 







I I *!..._ V- 

i#rm Tup mty2ou 




i^ 1 

11 1 



1 p? 

V; .' 





' rK -li ' 





mm ■ > ' 


m , r 





— ■ 

4* '1 ! 


■At *jL^5w 


^^ * 





9 > 





J Ryan Barry ^W\ Be^tTer ^^^^B Sean D " 

fl ^ AndeTson Ju^L M'** 8 . 8 . 8 ™ " ^^ Dan # C " "' 

McGoldrk i 


Patrick Scott 





Joey Volk 



Nick Zwaan 

V v 9 # 2 




1 St 









'UN ^^^^t^l^5^ * r^B- - -fin 

n* ^ jP 


* ■■■■■ 



<e9 H ©A, 





%M 9 



v\'i ~« 

>D0 l 

"■• ft. ■ I 


r * *■ 

a^'l^ '^HP 

^ • ♦ ^i 

** 2 

W 7 

) ^1 


6 ( JM 

B. ^." ^1 



_ »e 

, Ka^> 

■b.^Bi a ^H 

^^U| Po J 

Jl *— ^jgj 

g r 



J* Br o t 

_ .zs 




■■& i 










EjfiSS KkC 




\m • 







<»<«" % 



lit • 'A 












'l 7 


^^^ B^^^^^^^^^^ 

u -^rSsJ 

B *ji 

>§■" ^^!J.Ri 


^^^^r ^^. """*'" 






*** Ge '%. 




150 ^ 

1/ i 


^^^^^^ ^^^^1 






li 3 



m / 



^^S^, 1WL 2 

If Pi 







* — 

- r *^^^j 

r. *z> , 

i- ' 



- /* 

/*! V» 


M/Crri oCrTCVc 



Garett Gagne 

Favorite Mtn: Stowe 

Fav. Brand: Fischer, Nordica 

Number of years skiing: 16 



Naomi Pen 

Favorite Mtn: Mont Tremblant 
Fav. Brand: Atomic 
Number of years skiing: 1 3 



Kayla Dowd 

Favorite Mtn: Stratton 
Fav. Brand: Volkl 
Number of years skiing: 

1 56 






ft I m 



W/> ItfCHfe, 






l_ <s9^f e A 


-^ jf 














. ; 















*Vf3L^ J ' ^ 

■^ ^9 ^L m^9 




n* - 

,w« \ 





vT v 

<% .H 








/ g g 

w i 

■ ™ 






1*4^ _ 


\««ircrtJ ' 


# w* 




W *) 






I** 1 






/i « ^ 

* % 




T ^T 


The tftidenfo etf the LHS MtM Department wuM 

like fo thank Michael Muca, Kfiltja Werdnand 

Tdavid 'F&nM frr another MccetofjtU 'year ^M 'with 


WvmenA Cherub and Jazz EnAemAle 

• tit 








■i- v 2011 






















BI MM — 

B\ Bl 1 -\ ' BMtftfl BmI 

U in/19 '■■^BBMBBaaV ^ 

■ A IV " If Hfr^ 

Hi wfimwfl ^V 


m \w 


Jcm"^ B™^ 

Im^ J J^^bbbBHBS 

■ ■ 


^"^^» X ■At a \ i 

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Stoging to the mrmUwiih 

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Whm Coach R&Okehodfo 

uie ptier* to open my water 




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tulki aSeut fife to Mr&. 

Brave Heart ■6reihman year 

^ APPhymBandC Dw 

Winning 2010 MA Hvekty State Champton4hip 

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The daf we were gffUtg t&g&fo 
France but 'didn't due t& a certain 


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(er mppitt# an ICE when I wa& 
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Having Mr*. Lafizmme leave 

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need aM? 

Wrkinga4>an Oceupafi&nat 

MUien, 6 taitLnf the airwave* 


H&pefritfy perjprnting- in 
muMcat theater or ma 7V 





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0» fa U.S. A Senior Men'* 
Natonat Gymmtw Team 


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'ft 2nd 
Uettfenantfrr a 6 year PifoP 
TraiMutf prvgram 


NVC iivinf the dream 


Officer in the Untied State* Amp 

and 'hopefutity nefhemeM 

Married with 3 kid* (majfSe 
gelden retriever awt 'fteaa fqf \ 

MzrPwrkuy at a Fork 



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111 F IN \M r./COWUvll/ rc««v..w / \ 

We are so proud of you. 

Good luck at Emmanuel. I 

Your Family 


Cvngtratutativnfi fo Max Haiemum 
and the entire C&m eft 2011 

We tweyva and are vafprwdofymti 
Mm, Dad, Mike, Valerie and Chehea 

ymill ^^■J 



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■ '"i ^^^^tf 

T(M ^ mlM 6eftind me 
and ten th&umndm&re1frg&... " 

And, Jason, we'll be with you every 

step of the way. 

Congratulations ! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Caitie and Greg 


"You've got to follow your passion. You've got to figure out what 
it is you love-who you really are, and have the courage to do 
that. The only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to 
follow your dreams!" 

Nm, gevutandPurmyvur Dreamt 

Cvn^aMlativnA! Wefoveyvnt 

Mm, ldad,jmh, Greg, Heather, Stephen and Nalla 


Thmkkftr Graduating! 

Linda Clifford Hadley 

Attorney at Law 




Through the years 

we've watched you 

grow, and we couldn't 

be more proud of you 

Congratulations and 

good luck with the next 

step of your journey. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the 
patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." -Harriet Tubman 

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard 

work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." -Gail Devers 


Nutrition, Biomechanics, Acupuncture 

Enfield, CT 

John Sopet and Rayna Liebman 

We are very proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Harrison and Luke 


Specializing in Hard-to-Find Items 


585 Hazard Ave., (Rte. 1 90) 

Enfield, CT 

(next to Scitico Super Market) 

Come See Our 3,000 Sq. Ft Showroom 

Aquatic & Pearl Whirlpools ♦ Delta ♦ Moen ♦ Cerber ♦ Crohe ♦ Symmons ♦ Sigma 

Chicago Faucets ♦ Aker ♦ Aquaglass ♦ Maax ♦ Sterling Fiberglass & Acrylic Tubs & Showers 

Vanity Bases & Medicine Cabinets ♦ Custom Tub & Shower Doors ♦ Marble & Granite Countertops 

Custom One Piece Shower Bases (any size, shape, color, texture) ♦ ISE Disposers ♦ Elkay, Blanco, 

Franke stainless steel sinks ♦ Granite, Sile Stone, Quartz kitchen counter tops 






Bertch' $FJainllltra- 

^^^IB ■■ 



1 wL ■ 



207 Liberty Street 
Springfield, MA 01104-3738 

We m & prviri tf jpw atmmpMmwtt to and &(tf 
rftctovt. GO BIG RED/ 

Lwe, Mm and Dad 

Bruce Winer 

David Albert 

Patrick Flynn 




Wefoveyea, Me&mf 


Mm, Tdad,Jewm, Leah, 




Senior Photography 
Family Portraits 
Graduation Memories 
Youth £ High School Sports 
School Pictures 
Fashion Photography 
Discounted Sessions 
Easy Web-Based Experience 



Gwdluch Michael... . 
aph welld&nef 


Mom, Frank, Sara, Melissa, 
and Andrea 


.or at least the ones that showed up for the picture 

Managing EdU&r-EmifyBurP 

EdUOr-SaraA Baflruwetf 

Photographers-Christina Kapinos, Dan Simon, Crystelle Paul, Kelsey Lockhart, 
Tori Lussier, Samantha Carvalho 

Cover Design- Hannah McGrath, Carissa Cartelli 

Additional Staff members-Jacob Chernick, Emily Crocker, Rose Kelly, Nicolina 
Scibelli, Carissa Cartelli 

The yearbook Staff mu&t 'Me t& apologize 'for any error* made during the production of 
tftttffearSook. If we yetted pur name wrong, made any error* of commmon or ommon, 






Tfiullyinj hurls 

|9 JUof us! 

Mike StoDe/Getty Images for New York Red Bull 





'. Muc Sarota/Getty Images 


c VI 

Opr«h'» M ° 

Phon.*"" 1 

»'~™ ! ^SV-^>""^' 

!2 J8 



John Moore/Getty Images 

Merrick MortonADColumbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 


The federal government takes 
steps to prevent bullying in 
schools and communities. To 
make information accessible, 
a steering committee develops 

John Moore/Getty Images 

This soldier, from the U.S. 
Army 4th Infantry, returns 
home to Colorado as a 
result of President Obama's 
directive to reduce our 
troops in Iraq. 

AP Photo/Office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. File 

After a nearly fatal gunshot 
wound, Representative 
Gabrielle Giffords continues 
her difficult recovery. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 

Staff Sergeant Salvatore 
Giunta, a 25-year-old Army 
staff sergeant who served in 
Afghanistan, is the first living 
recipient of the Medal of 
Honor since 1976. 

John Moore/Getty Images 

ffwimm nwnnnOEB 

Alaska Senator Lisa 
Murkowski is re-elected 
as a write-in candidate. 


ullying hurts 

ALL of us! 

President Obama signs the Executive Order on the White House 
Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics to support 
education issues in the Hispanic community. 


The U.S. government is 
compromised when Julian 
Assange's WikiLeaks website 
publishes sensitive diplomatic 
cables discussing Pakistan, 
North Korea, Iran and China. 

C »*/t, 

J^|£HOLAS KAMM 'AFP/Getty images 

O The Oil Spill 

A BP oil rig explosion 
triggers the biggest 
oil spill in U.S. history, 
releasing more than one 
hundred million gallons 
into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Not long after North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II fires 
at the South Korean 
island of Yeonpyeong, 
he names his youngest 
son as his successor. 

Chris Graythen/Getty Images 

Individuals and businesses affected by 
the Deepwater Horizon oil spill submit 
official claims for costs and damages 
with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. 

AP Photo/US Coast Guard. File 

Getty Images 

President Obama signs H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and 
Affordable Care Act. The 2,400-page law is aimed at improving 
health care coverage and lowering costs. 

Despite attempted Thanksgiving holiday protests, airports 
across the U.S. implement full body scanners to screen airline 
passengers for possible weapons and explosives. 

The world celebrates as 
33 miners from Chile's San 
Jose Copper-Gold mine are 
safely rescued after spending 
two months trapped 700 
meters underground. 

David Paul Morris/Getty Images 

A new law aimed at fast food 
marketing in San Francisco 
requires that kids' meals meet 
nutritional standards before 
they can be sold with toys. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

Emerging from bankruptcy, 
General Motors is profitable 
again. The company raises 
$20.1 billion in the largest 
global initial public offering 
(IPO) in U.S. history. 

Sean Gallup/Getty Images 

After protests in favor of 
democracy peaked in the 
streets of Cairo, Egyptian 
President Hosni Mubarek 
steps down. 

Samir HusseirVWtrelmage 

Britain's Prince William and 
Kate Middleton announce their 
engagement in November 
2010. They plan to marry 
in 201 1 . 


A U.S. senator asks the 
government to investigate 
when reusable grocery 
bags sold by a Florida 
supermarket chain contain 
harmfully high levels of lead. 

John M. Heller/Getty Images 

TOMS Shoes, which 
donates one pair to a child 
in need for every pair sold, 
becomes a philanthropic 
fashion phenomenon. 

A new element, discovered in 
1996, finally receives its official 
name: Copernicum. It is named 
in honor of Copernicus, the 
Renaissance mathematician 
and astronomer. 

MarK Wilson/Getty Images 

NASA-funded astrobiology 
researchers discover a new 
life form, a bacterium that 
can use the toxic chemical 
arsenic as fuel for growing 
and rebuilding itself. 

The Washington Post/Contributor 

Q. Newman Lowrance/Getty Imagea 


AP Photo NASA/JPL-Caltecn/University ol Maryland Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Mission shows 
amazing images of 
comet Hartley 2, 
23 million miles 
away from Earth, in 
November 2010. 

The NBA and WNBA promote Vaccines for 
Teens, an awareness campaign designed to 
educate teens and parents about the importance 
of vaccinations. 

Wind turbines become more 
prevalent. The emergence 
of "wind farms" signals the 
beginning of what could be a 
wind energy boom. 

AP Photo/Zina Deretsky. National Science 

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake 
in Chile shifts our planet's 
axis by about three inches 
and shortens the Earth day 
by 1 .26 mitlionths of a second. 

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images 

The Environmental Protection 
Agency investigates how to 
manage and regulate tracking, 
a process used to release the 
natural gas trapped under 
dense rock. 

AP Photo/Kyoto University via Kyodo News 

Extinct Salmon Found 

The black kokanee, a species 
of freshwater salmon thought 
to be extinct for 70 years, 
is found living in a lake near 
Japan's Mount Fuji. 

In the Breeders' Cup 
Classic at Churchill Downs, 
thoroughbred champion 
racehorse Zenyatta ends 
her 19-race winning streak, 
losing by a head to Blame. 

Jonathan Byrd's Hole-in-on 

Golfer Jonathan Byrd wins 
his fourth PGA Tour victory 
with a hole-in-one on the 
fourth playoff hole in the 
Justin Timberlake Shriners 
Hospitals for Children Open. 

Jk 90 

LeBron James announces 
via live ESPN special that 
he is leaving the Cleveland 
Cavaliers to join the Miami 


Steve Dykes/Getty Images 


\ 'i^&, 

Heat. Fans and commentators 
condemn the move. 

Ji "^ 



The Chicago Blackhawks 
win their first Stanley Cup 
since 1961. In Game 6, 
they defeat the Philadelphia 
Flyers 4 to 3 in overtime. 

Jim Barcus/Kansas City Star/MCT 
via Getty Images 

The Penn State Nittany Lions 
women's volleyball team 
sweeps California to take the 
NCAA title for the fourth year 
in a row. 

Sports Illustrated 
presents its 2010 
Sportsman of the Year 
award to New Orleans 
Saints quarterback, 
and Super Bowl MVP, 
Drew Brees. 

O Federer Ties 
Sampras Record 

Roger Federer 
catches up to Pete jjj 
Sampras' record 
of 64 singles 
tournament wins 
by winning the 
Stockholm Open 
in Sweden's Royal 
Tennis Hall. 

Jimmie Johnson drives his #48 Lowe's 

Chevrolet to his fifth straight NASCAR Sprint 

Cup championship at Homestead-Miami Speedway. 

The Associated Press 
names Lindsey Vonn, 
the Olympic gold 
medalist skier, as its 
2010 Female Athlete 
of the Year. 

Gymnast Alicia Sacramone takes a hiatus from her college 
career to take a gold medal for vault at the Artistic Gymnastics 
World Championships in Rotterdam. 

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for NASCAR 


Katy Perry's headline- 
grabbing wedding to Russell 
Brand and her controversial 
Sesame Street appearance 
overshadow the release of her 
new album, Teenage Dream. 

Aslrid Stawiarz/Getty Irr 

— "S 


Chemical Romance 

"Na Na Na," by My 
Chemical Romance, is a 
popular punk anthem. It's 
included in the Rocktober 
track pack for Guitar Hero: 
Warriors of Rock. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images 

Genre-spanning Christian 
artist Francesca Battistelli 
releases a new album. 
Hundred More Years. The first 
single is "This Is the Stuff." 

Jackie Evancho, the 1 0-year- 
old soprano who came to 
fame on America 's Got Talent, 
releases a bestselling holiday 
CD/DVD titled O Holy Night. 

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic 

Country supergroup 
Lady Antebellum took 
home five Grammy awards, 
including Song of the Year 
and Record of the Year. 

Kevin Maiur/TCA 2010/Wirelmage 


Bobby Ray Simmons, also known as B.o.B., sees 
his second single, "Airplanes," soar to the top of 
the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Travie McCoy 

* M 

V. ..<■» 

gitte Engl/Redtems 

Travie McCoy, of 
Gym Class Heroes, 
releases his first 
solo album. The lead 
single, "Billionaire," 
goes double platinum 
and tops the U.S. 
and U.K. charts. 

O Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift's Speak 
Now is the first 
release by a female 
artist since Britney 
Spears to sell more 
than 1 million copies 
in its first week. 




Miranda Lambert receives a record-breaking nine CMA 
nominations. She wins three trophies, including Album of the 
Year for Revolution and Female Vocalist of the Year. 


i A 


Brad Paisley takes home the Country Music - Favorite Male 
Artist award from the American Music Awards and the CMA 
Entertainer of the Year Award. 

Monty Bnnton/CBS via Getty Image 

Usher performs at the 
American Music Awards 
show and takes home 
the awards for Male Soul/ 
R&B artist and Favorite 
Soul/R&B album. 

A surprise comeback 
gave Train the Grammy 
for Pop Performance 
by a Duo or Group for 
"Hey Soul Sister." 


nr j 

Eminem didn't crack a 
smile when he expressed 
his gratitude for winning 
the Grammy for Rap Solo 

Jemal Countess/Getty Images 

rar^ r* — - M , 


Ke$ha wins the Best New 
Act award at the MTV Europe 
Music Awards and ends the 
year with three songs on 
Billboard's Hot 100. 

Marc Serota/Getty Images 


Jason Merritt/Getty Images 


C Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is 
named Artist of the 
Year at the American 
Music Awards. At 
age 16, he is the 
youngest recipient 
of this top honor. 

Sugarland wins the CMA Vocal Duo of the Year Award and 
releases "Stuck Like Glue," the first single from their album, 
The Incredible Machine. 

Everybody likes "I Like It," the 
first release from Euphoria, 
Enrique Iglesias's bilingual 
album. The song tops the 
charts in the U.S., Canada 
and Australia. 

Bryan Sedder/Getty Images 


Carrie Underwood wows the 
American Music Awards. Her 
third studio album, Play On, 
garners the Country Music - 
Favorite Album award. 

Frank Micelotta'Getty Images 

Lady Gaga took home two Grammy awards for Female Pop 
Vocal Performance and Pop Vocal Album. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

i Black Eyed Peas release 
a new album. The Beginning, 
and book an appearance at 
the halftime show of Super 
Bowl XLV. 

This is definitely not your 
father's boom box. The 
latest MP3 technology 
combined with 1980s styling 
make this machine a must 
for modern parties. 

Ramin Talaie/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Black Ops, the seventh 
installment in the Call of Duty 
game series, sells a record- 
breaking 7 million copies in 
the first 24 hours of its release. 





Suzanne Collins publishes Mockingjay, the third 
and final book in her popular science fiction series, 
The Hunger Games trilogy. 

Rock Band 3 

Featuring a new 
keyboard and 83 songs, 
Rock Band 3 is released 
worldwide. Its Pro mode 
mimics the experience of 
playing real instruments. 

C Xbox Kinect 

You don't need a controller to play the newest 
technology games. The Xbox Kinect features a 
sensor that can read motion, faces and voices. 

A new generation adopts the 
retro bean bag chair. This 
updated classic is ideal for 
watching television, playing 
games, reading and keeping 
up with social media. 

A new, motion-sensing controller debuts for the PlayStation 3 
console. The Move is a Bluetooth wireless wand. Players can 
use up to four at once. 

In The Lost Hero, the sequel 
to his Percy Jackson & the 
Olympians series, author 
Rick Riordan introduces 
three new characters: 
Jason, Piper and Leo. 

Younger kids get their very own dance video game. Just 
Dance Kids challenges Wii players to master more than 
40 dances led by real kids. 

Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

The Associated Press names 
Betty White, age 88, as its 
Entertainer of the Year. She 
poses for a calendar to raise 
money for animal charities. 

Neil Jacobs/CBS via Getty Images 

Team Coco rejoices 
as Conan O'Brien 
returns to late night 
television. Conan 
uses Twitter and 
YouTube to 
announce the 
premiere of Conan 
on TBS. 

Gleeks are being 
heard! The popularity 
of Glee prompts a 
resurgence of glee 
clubs in middle 
schools, high schools 
and colleges across 
the country. 

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are back for another season 
of mystery, intrigue and secrets on the ABC suspense drama, 
Pretty Little Liars. 

Minute to Win It, starring Guy Fieri, returns to NBC for a 
second season of fast-paced challenges and cash awards of 
up to $1 million. 

An iconic, 1960s crime drama 
returns with a cool, new cast. 
Hawaii Five-0 chronicles the 
adventures of an elite police 
unit in paradise. 

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images 


A call center for an American 
company is recently 
outsourced to India in the 
NBC comedy hit Outsourced. 

Richard Harbaugh/ABC Family via Getty Images 

Robert Downey, Jr. returns 
as the inventor-superhero 
Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, 
a long-awaited sequel 
featuring storylines adapted 
from Marvel Comics. 

©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection 

An orphaned baby goddaughter 
inspires Katherine Heigl and 
Josh Duhamel to set their 
differences aside in Life As We 
Know It, a romantic comedy. 

Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

When a cartoon super-villain 
defeats his nemesis, he loses 
his will to be evil. Will Ferrell 
lends his voice to the reluctant 
hero of Megamind. 

Saeed Adyani/COverture Films/Courtesy 
Everett Collection 

After a mysterious toxin 
enters the water supply of an 
Iowa town, many residents 
go insane in The Crazies, 
a sci-fi horror flick. 

Phil Bray/TM &®Fox-Walden. All rights 
reserved/courtesy Everett Collection 

Chronicles ofNamia: The 
Voyage of the Dawn Treader 
is a 3D feature film adaptation 
of the third book in the C.S. 
Lewis fantasy series. 

©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images 

The boy-style plaid flannel 
shirt is a popular look for 
both guys and girls. Just 
add a pair of perfectly 
worn jeans. 

From popped collars to 
Top Siders. prep style 
endures. True Prep shows 
a new generation how it's 
done and what it means. 

Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks are the 
beverage of choice 
among sleep-deprived 
students, despite 
concerns that they 
contain unhealthy levels 
of sugar and caffeine. 

Shiny, sparkly sequins become 
a major fashion trend when 
Zoe Kravitz and runway models 
are spotted wearing them on 
hats, dresses and tops. 

3 RUow Pets 

Dr. Dre's Monster Beats are state-of-the-art 
headphones that make a strong, street-smart 
fashion statement. They look cool. And they 
sound even cooler. 

Mineral Makeup 

Beauty mavens 
agree: mineral makeup 
rocks. These sheer, 
lightweight, powdery 
formulas are the 
smart alternative to 
gooey, pore-clogging 

Get the look with a classic polo, 
distressed skinny jeans and leather 
belt with your favorite treads. 

=ssion is always 
in fashion and the right hat 
makes it easy to add panache 
(and hide a bad hair day). All 
you need is a cute fedora or a 

jaunty newsboy cap. 

r ; *S&. 

There's nothing olive drab 
about this trend. Military 
jackets are snappy, sleek 
and chic — a far cry from the 
oversized Army surplus look 
of yesteryear. 

Dentists report that more and more teens 
are asking about teeth bleaching procedures 
especially for photo-op occasions like proms 
or sweet sixteen parties. 

Go for an edgy, urban look 
in these American Rag Twill 
Skinny Cargos- perfectly 
paired with a belted Cowl 
neck sweater! 

Boots go to great lengths. 
Over-the-knee styles are 
seen everywhere from 
runways to red carpets. 
Trendsetters wear them 

High-speed broadband 
devices are on the verge of 
multi-channel high-definition 
TV broadcasting thanks 
to emerging WiMAX 4G 
technology that improves 
image and data capabilities. 

Old media acknowledges 
the power of new media 
when TIME names 
Facebook founder Mark 
Zuckerberg as its Person 
of the Year for 2010. 




Fj. rbook help* r<Hi loimut J»d i 
the |>*opk in your Mr. 

Disgruntled passengers fight over space in the 
as most airlines institute baggage fees ranging 
$25 per bag per flight. 

This 16-page World Boat section 
is printed on SFI certified stock 

C8010 Jostens, Inc Printed in USA 10-0708 (1033) 

overhead bins 
from $1 5 to 

Andrew Harrer /Bloomberg via Getty Images